World’s largest hosting 2023

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World’s largest hosting 2023 – Web hosting is the starting point for websites and blogs.

he said 1,940,000,000 billion websites and blogs.

However, the number of active blogs/websites is really only there. 80,000,000 Also site only.

including approx 3,000,000 Millions of mobile applications based on Android Play Store and Apple(iPhone) App Store.

1 online business person usually has 3-5 websites.

To get your website or blog online, you need a service provider that builds the hardware infrastructure, software, cloud storage technology, webmaster, etc. to get your website or blog online.

World’s largest hosting 2023

There are thousands of website hosting companies from home and abroad.

Owned by Amazon Jeff Bezos AWS products are used as the #1 largest hosting provider in the world, accounting for 5.7% of all existing websites. It is followed by Endurance Group, Godaddy and Google Cloud.

Many high-ranking websites use Amazon. In the year By 2020, Jeff Bezos will become the richest man by earning IDR 2,726 trillion, increasing the value of Amazon shares.

15 Largest Website Hosting Companies in the World (2020)

From the technology sector, if you count the web hosting service providers worldwide.

Foreign company position. In particular, technology companies from the United States are increasingly dominating the global world.

Measuring the growth rate hampers the pace of local players’ companies, causing their business profits to stagnate or even go bankrupt due to their inability to compete.

In contrast, foreign web hosting companies from the United States and abroad. Continue to expand significantly to establish data centers in various parts of the world to ensure power dominance to minimize network latency.

Almost all websites and blogs have information data and document storage in a cloud hosting system.

As much as 40% The web hosting market share is dominated by the 15 companies listed below. It consists of countries like USA, China, European Union, Israel and Canada.

Meanwhile, the market share of domestic companies is steadily eroding and many are going out of business due to their low technology.

Do not deny. For the next few years, the domestic market share may drop from 40% to 70%.

Here are the 15 largest hosting companies in the world:

1]Amazon Web Services (AWS)

2]Hostgator bluehost (endurance team)

Scope: 5.4%

Hostgator launched its cloud server service in 2002.

Scope: 3.7%

Google (a subsidiary of It is one of the world’s largest cloud infrastructure providers, with a global network of scale, speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Google’s internal and external network continues to grow. Various data center buildings continue to be constructed. Including at an undisclosed location in Indonesian territory to secure the data center.

Google is building an undersea fiber optic cable that will connect the United States to the United Kingdom, the European Union. In fact, connecting the continent of Australia to Indonesia, the length of the cable reaches thousands of kilometers.


10]. WP Engine (


13]name cheap

14]. LiquidWeb


Oh yes, for friends struggling with online business, blogging and digital based small SMEs.

Choosing the right hosting provider and cloud service provider for your business is very important.

thank you. We hope it’s helpful. GBU

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