What is Shared Hosting?

What is Shared Hosting?

reseprakyat.com-Shared hosting basically means the use of server resources by multiple websites. The hosting company divides the space on the drive to be allocated to multiple customers. Each website on a particular server shares space and resources and that’s why the cost of a shared hosting package is cheaper than other packages. Shared hosting is like renting an apartment or renting an apartment for shared use for the purpose of saving money. It’s cheaper for a crowd because more people are paying to use the same server.
Share hosting

Share Hosting is a hosting server that can be used together or called sharing. On this server there are often several domain names with different ownership. The use of this server is distinguished by a user account with a username and password. The cost of renting a hosting server is very cheap compared to other types of servers, so it is very suitable for friends who are beginners to rent a hosting server on this.

Advantages of shared hosting:

In terms of cost, renting shared hosting is very economical and economical compared to renting VPS or Dedicated Server.

Shared hosting is very easy to use for beginners, as you don’t need to worry about setting up your own server.

In terms of support, hosting services provide support that is ready to help you 24 hours a day.

If there is a problem with your server, you do not need to intervene yourself, the server provider will fix the problem.

Disadvantages of shared hosting:

Because they are used together, if one user causes an overload or disruption to the server, other users have the possibility of being affected.

Shared hosting users have very limited access to the server and can only access and manage their own files.

All limit settings are determined by the server administrator. Violation of the server administrator’s rules may result in the hosting account being banned or canceled.

However, the resource usage is not too high for those who are just starting to create a shared hosting website.

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