What is Hosting? Definition and examples 2023
What is Hosting? Definition and examples 2023

What is Hosting? Definition and examples 2023

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What is Hosting? Definition and examples 2023

reseprakyat.com– HP.com explains. handling It is a service that stores all information. website on the internet. files It includes stored HTML code, images, videos and text files website.

handling It is the most important part of the construction website Because it provides Storage Stable and secure data storage.

handling The server acts as a “landlord” renting out storage space on the Internet in the form of services. handling.

When an Internet user enters a URL address website in address bar ExplorersHis, service handling He sends all files The site on the server is displayed on the user’s computer (computer Customers).
Types of hosting

Here are some types handling Summary from HP.com:

1 Shared Hosting

Shared hosting It is a service. handling To manage a lot Customers from the same server. This includes handling The company can save the budget Budget Certain.

lack Shared hosting It is an opportunity to intervene (Interruption) is large because many users use it.

2 Virtual private servers

Virtual private servers (VPS) can save. files in a certain place with Resources Special. VPS costs are high. Shared hosting Not to share Hardware with Customers or other users.

3 Dedicated hosting

Hosting provided Provides a more secure dedicated server. advantage handling These are very numerous and useful. even if Dedicated hosting It is necessary to prepare high expenses for routine maintenance and management needs.

4 Managed hosting

he said handling They have access to a dedicated server, but not all handling Provides administrative settings to manage SuppliersHis own. Managed hosting It allows users to set up and maintain security Suppliers According to individual needs.

This management is done through FTP.file transfer protocol)It is a set of rules that computers use when communicating with each other.

5 Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting It’s kind of. handling It is unique because of what it uses. Virtual hardware. This type is used Resources To install from multiple servers (Cargo) the server can be balanced and the performance will be faster.

Cloud hosting It can also save the company’s budget, because only users pay Server resources Used correctly.

An example of hosting

HP.com summarizes several examples. Web hosting service Can be used:

DreamHost – Website coordinator It offers different price levels according to user needs. There is plenty of room to build and expand functionality. DreamHost offers free migration options for WordPress users when they want to switch Hosts.

cheap name – Namecheap is famous for its low prices and very comprehensive services. Namecheap supports almost all types handling Not only this, Website coordinator This is also convenient to use Entry level.

host wind – Hostwinds allows users to use just one domain at an affordable price. Service handling It offers different options than VPS, Dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, Until Seller hosting.

HostGator – HostGator provides services Integrated web-builder This makes it easy for users to adjust website They serve their needs Mobile support And User interface Simple.

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handling Or Website coordinator It is a place for storage and maintenance files Something website. This service is generally used by individuals/companies who need repair orders website they It can continue to be available on the Internet.

This service is provided by paying a certain amount of money to the company Web hosting service Then the server works so that the site can continue to work and visitors can access it.
Frequently Asked Questions (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are hosting functions?

Reporting from HostGator; Web hosting service It offers various benefits to companies, including:
Improve site performance.

In fact, a website You only have a few seconds to successfully attract the attention of visitors. When the site has loading speed (Loading speed) is slow, and visitors are more likely to leave the site before it fully loads.

Whenever they search for information, visitors want to get the answer as quickly as possible. That is the importance of maintenance. Loading speed in website Company.

Loading speed In the algorithm Search programs It also has a big impact. Website level. For this reason, Loading speed He’s not just an influencer. User experiencebut also the success of the SEO strategy.

Domains are associated with e-mail addresses.

Companies need to create to look professional E-mail Departments and employees use domain names or company names. For example, the company has a “Pacific” group Marketing. Address E-mail From the team ie marketing@pacific.com.

This feature can be found if the company uses it Web hosting service Who can create an address? E-mail Especially as a domain name.

Get technical support

Each website Businesses generally provide services Customer support To help solve problems or complaints CustomersAlso with Web hosting service.

When the site encounters some problems, users can contact them immediately. Support staff It helps to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Improve website security.

handling It is a service that saves everyone. Website files. Therefore, it is important Web hosting service Prioritize quality and safety website Company.

Each Web hosting service Sites with the same server can be protected from each other.
It has high reliability and uptime.

User handling Surely they know the provisions well.”Working hoursHe said. part time It indicates how much time website Company really Online And accessible. This means how much time the provider handling Server maintenance and repair or running what is often called Vacation time.

In the payment contract, Web hosting service It usually describes the size Working hours. The higher the time, the better it is used.

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