web hosting unlimited storage

web hosting unlimited storage

Reseprakyat.com – When looking for a new web host, you want longevity. The company you choose to host your website should be able to provide you with a proven track record of solid uptime, good speed, good customer service, and a referral portfolio that demonstrates the company’s ability and competence to host your own website.

Let’s take a look at the LunarPages price list with LunarPages Review:

Review of moon pages

LunarPages is one such company. They started in California in 1998 and now count over 150,000 individuals and companies as clients, including CBS, NBC, Nissan, Verizon, GM, and Sony.

With data centers in San Diego and Irvine, California, Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago, and Ashburn, Virginia, they have enough technology and security to make sure your site is covered – their extensive client list and impressive testimonials paint a bright picture. All of that aside, there’s only one question you might be asking: Is Moon Pages Internet Solutions the right solution for me? Well, I went through a long list of the most important things for your website and realized that there are quite a few things that you should consider when deciding.

Moon pages plans and prices [Low Introductory Pricing] – Discuss all types of hosting and their packages
It has been shared.

Lunarpages offers six different shared hosting plans, all of which include free setup, an online control panel, 24/7/365 support, PHP, Perl, and server-side support. Each shared plan also includes unlimited subdomains.

Starter hosting ($3.95/month) includes 50 GB of bandwidth per month, 5 GB of storage, 5 email accounts, one FTP account, and one MySQL database. You get unlimited static domains, Softaculous, and you can buy a domain name for $19.95 per year.

Basic Hosting ($4.95/month): Includes unlimited bandwidth, storage, e-mail accounts, FTP accounts, MySQL database, and additional, sub, and parked domains. Your domain name is included and you can opt for cPanel for just $2 more per month.

Windows Hosting ($9.95/month): Gets unlimited bandwidth, storage, e-mail, MySQL database and subdomains just like the basic hosting plan. But you are limited to one FTP account.

Business Premium Hosting ($24.95 per month): You get 200 GB of bandwidth, 20 GB of storage, unlimited e-mail, FTP, MySQL database and sub, add-ons and stand-alone domains. cPanel is included as one domain name. You’ll also get $25 in Facebook ad credit.

web hosting unlimited storage

Business Advantage Hosting ($44.95/month): This plan includes all the unlimited features of the Business Premium plan, but gives you 400GB of bandwidth and 40GB of storage per month.

Business Enterprise Hosting ($64.95/month): Like the Business Advantage plan, you get everything in Business Premium, but now you get unlimited bandwidth and storage every month, although as part of the policy, unlimited storage is limited to files related to your site’s functionality.


They offer both Windows and Linux specific hosting

Linux and Windows hosting options are available in three different plans, all of which offer 10 TB of bandwidth and the option of additional bandwidth for a small fee. Each Linux plan runs CentOS, has a $10 monthly fee for cPanel, and includes Softaculous as an add-on. Windows Hosting runs Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 and gives you one domain name with five IP addresses. SSH is included in the Linux scheme, as are MySQL and Postgre databases. On the Windows plan, you can choose options for MSSQL database and additional monthly payment

Intel Core 2 Quad (Linux: $145 per month, Windows 2012: $170 per month Standard or $220 per month Data Center, or Server 2008 RS: $176 per month): 4 GB RAM, 2×250 GB SATA and RAID1 hardware with 250 GB of space.

Dual Intel Xeon Quad Core ($175/month; Windows 2012: $200/month Standard or $250/month Data Center, or Server 2008 RS: $206/month): 4GB RAM, 2×500GB SATA storage and 500GB RAID 1 slots.

Dual Intel Xeon Hexa Core E5645 ($825/month; Windows 2012: $875/month Standard or $975/month Data Center, or Server 2008 RS: $887/month): 64GB RAM, 4×500 GB SATA storage, and either 1.5 TB of RAID 5 or 1 TB of RAID 10.

Cloud VPS

Scalable cloud hosting includes 50 GB SSD enhanced storage, 2 GB RAM, 1000GB bandwidth and 1 IP address. You can sell RAM, bandwidth, CPU and disk space for a small fee every day. Cloud hosting lets you choose from Linux or Windows operating systems. You’ll want a consultation to make sure your VPS cloud hosting plan is the right fit for your needs.
99.89% uptime

The industry standard for uptime is 99.9 percent, with many having such good uptimes that the industry average is about 99.99 percent — meaning your site is down about four minutes a month. Even with industry standards, you’re looking at less than 45 minutes per month. Unfortunately, Lunarpages doesn’t reach that level, with an average uptime of 99.89 percent, which means your site could be down 47.5 minutes per month. On average, though, it’s important to note that the more concerning issue is the inconsistency of Moon Pages, with some months reaching 100 percent uptime and others below 99.9 percent.

Fast page loads

Across the industry, companies are setting page load times around 850 ms. Lunar pages are fast, loading in around 590ms. This means your customers and web visitors will have a better experience while on your site and are more likely to stick around instead of clicking away due to slow page load times. Since speed is a critical factor in a website’s success, it’s amazing that Moon Pages meets such a high standard.
Free domain names

It’s not unusual, but it’s great news that LunarPages, along with many other hosting companies, includes a free domain name for the first year on all of their plans. Although you will have to pay to renew your domain name registration for subsequent years, you will get some savings in the first year by using this feature.
Free site migration

Site migration can be a costly transition – and in the case of detailed websites, it can be time-consuming. Moon Pages will complete the transfer for you and get you up and running when you switch to their company.
Premium backup

Premium backup isn’t included with many other hosting companies, which is why I love that Lunarpages makes it a feature of their plans. Each night the company backs up your server, and if there are any problems, they prioritize the night at no extra cost.
30 day money back guarantee

Thirty days isn’t a long time, but it can be a relief to know that if you’re not satisfied with a qualifying plan you’ve purchased from LunarPages, you can cancel your payment directly to the company and get a refund. However, take note – any registrations or purchases made from other companies will not be refunded.

Lunarpages offers phone support, but customers prefer to open a ticket for support issues. The customer service representatives are very thorough and will provide you with excellent service once you meet someone. Unfortunately, some customers have reported waiting up to 12 hours for a response, which can be brutal for a website that’s completely down.

Lunarpages offers a knowledge base and frequently asked questions section to help customers find solutions to common problems.
Some downsides:
Moon Pages will charge you for cPanel.

cPanel is one of the features we’ve grown to expect as a built-in part of our web hosting package offerings. Moon Pages, however, charges customers extra each month to add the service to multiple plans. I found that adding in cPanel in their cheapest package, which is $3.95/month, costs an additional $2/month, but other hosts in that price point have cPanel already included.
The website builder tool costs extra.

Moon Pages charge extra for website builders, not just if you want to host your site. When you bring your business to a web hosting company, like many other hosting companies, they seem to have a good partnership including site building tools. Paying extra for this on LunarPages might feel a little unfair.
Pros and cons after a while [Only short form of the sentence, bullet points]

Moon pages have amazing speed, which helps increase page load times.

The company has different plans and packages, which means that as your website grows, there is a clear way to expand your own site thanks to their expanded services.

Unlimited limits are very generous and will help you handle more traffic than you might expect.


Moon pages spend less time than stars have a very high discrepancy, which is even below industry standards.

Most of the features that are standard in other plans cost extra on LunarPages.

If you exceed unlimited limits, instead of encouraging you to upgrade, LunarPages may suspend your account without warning.

Final Judgment:

I think LunarPages is off to a great start, but if you’re willing to put up with a few inconsistencies, you’ll find that you can get quality hosting at a reasonable price. I recommend the moon pages.

LunarPages was started in 1998 by Maximilian Anderson and Ron Riddle. These men were formerly bicycle masons. The company was founded in 1998 in California, USA. If there’s one thing that still doesn’t work with LunarPages, it’s the host’s performance level. All these years later, Moon Pages has expanded to Nevada and Arizona in addition to California. This company has clients like Microsoft, Blackberry and Sony over the years.

LunarPages’ biggest selling point is that the hosting provider claims to be faster than the competition by more than 30%. Also, the host offers you premium backup services, but…

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