Want to Rent Hoster Hosting? see here

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Want to Rent Hoster Hosting? see here

reseprakayat.com-The term rental hosting is considered less common in hosting purchase. Simply put, by purchasing hosting, we are essentially renting, not buying.

Today, the term rental hosting is more commonly known as buying hosting. Although you are basically buying hosting, you are not actually buying it. But renting a good server with shared, VPS or dedicated services only.

There are several hosting services available at Hoster. In this article, we provide an example of an SSD shared hosting service order. The method is as follows.

  1. Enter the host homepage

Of course, the first step to take is to log into the hoster’s home page.

  1. Enter the domain name

There are 3 (three) options for writing a domain name on this page. Start from the top for the selection of domain commands If you don’t have any domain. Then the second option is used Domain transfers If you already have another domain and want to transfer the domain to a hosting service. And it is the last option You already have a domain So you can say that you are only buying hosting.

  1. Click Continue

After writing the domain, the next step is to click the button go on Your order will be tracked immediately.

  1. Entry

Enter with options New members Of course, if you have never been a member of Hosting. However, if you order with the same data, the web will automatically redirect you to Already a member

  1. Continue until receipt

If all the steps are completed, it will appear that you have to pay the purchase invoice.

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A little write-up on how to rent a host at Hoster. If it is useful, please share it with your loved ones or friends. Don’t forget to click the star at the bottom of the article. thank you.

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