Want to Learn use Hosting? see Free Hosting here

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Want to Learn to use Hosting? see Free Hosting here

reseprakyat.com-I once received an assignment from a teacher about making a website for an online store. The story, we were asked to be online business people selling products on websites.

Of course, I thought of using free hosting for students or students. If it’s free I guarantee everyone will want it. Do you want too, brother? Hey, yes.
Learn what free hosting is

Hosting is an online service used to store data, manage data, and even make a website accessible over the Internet.

What about free hosting? Simply put, this free hosting is a hosting service that allows its users to enjoy free hosting. So, if you use free hosting you don’t have to pay.

Who Should Use Free Hosting?

We definitely agree that everyone loves something free or free. Free wifi, free food, free drinks, free shipping, free hosting, free domains and other free stuff.

You might be wondering who should use this free hosting? I say everyone should use it.
student or student

For those who are still students in their pocket, they really have limited money. But, friend, you don’t need to worry, because free hosting can be a happy answer to your dry pockets. Yes, for students or students who have the task of making a website online, you can use free hosting only. Save costs anyway!
Web developers

Are you a web developer? Want to show off a website design plan? Yes, please use free hosting first. This free hosting is great for showcasing website designs to clients or as a portfolio.

If earlier a student or students need free accommodation to study, next it is the teachers who need free accommodation. Yes, it can be used as an example website when he teaches. For example, when you want to give instructions on how to get a website online using hosting.

Anyone who is limited to capital

If you want to learn how to host or use an online website but are limited by capital, you can use free hosting to learn first. You will gradually understand how to create a website and manage a website. Later, if you already have a lot of resources, you can buy hosting with higher specifications.
Reasons why you should use free hosting to learn from PHP.id

This beautiful three letter domain, offers hosting services for free or for free. You can use hosting from them for different purposes like learning, teaching or creating a personal website.

Below are several reasons why you should use free hosting to learn from PHP.id.

  1. Free hosting forever

The first reason to give a thumbs up is that PHP.id offers free hosting services forever. He is good, forever! However, if you are no longer actively using their services, their free hosting will also stop. When you can enjoy it for free, why not? Come on, try it first.

  1. Free server does not need to pay

The name is free, so everything will be free, brother. If someone pays, it is no longer free. Well, the good thing about PHP.id is that you can enjoy free hosting without worrying about the server costs. The price of their hosting server and the responsibility of the donor, you know!

  1. Information is safe

PHP.id guarantees users that your data is 100% secure. Your data will be protected using SSL, RAID protected disks and weekly backups with the best DATA SECURITY. You can also back up your own data.

  1. Great processing speed

Their server already uses SSD which is the best data storage component. This free hosting also has dual Intel Xeon processor 128 GB RAM and nginx web server as well as Indonesian .ID domain to speed up the website.

  1. Support team ready to help

Having problems using free hosting? Fear not because there is a support team here ready to help you. Don’t wait any longer, try free hosting to learn from PHP.ID.

So read this article about free hosting reviews to learn which ones you can use. Don’t let your good desire to study be delayed just because of financial problems. Try it first.

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