Want to extend your hosting? see the review

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Want to extend your hosting? see the review

reseprakyat.com-Making a hosting extension in the hoster is very easy and fast, with only six specific steps

Hosting is usually a paid service and is only provided on a lease basis. Why not buy and sell? Because basically a host can only rent. We can’t even afford hosting at a very high cost; Because hosting is a service. It is not a physical object that can be easily grasped. It’s a phone signal that we only rent with the various cellular cards we use most of the time. In fact, we can only rent facilities provided by Indosat, T-sel or XL as genuine products that we can use properly.

Why should you extend hosting?

A simple question when we want to extend hosting. Why should you extend hosting? Of course, the answer is simple: a lease actually has an extension period because the lease has expired. This is the importance of carrying out extension works so that the facilities and services we have provided run smoothly.

How to extend hosting?

The first thing you should do when extending is-

Hoster Login Usually the hoster administrator sends an email notification or reminder of the payment period. Once you get this email, click on it and follow the steps as per the instructions.

Selecting the services menu, there is usually a menu option in the form of “service menu”, so here you have to fill in according to the previous menu selection, if you want to change the menus or options, you must first check. The administrator or through “open ticket”.

Choosing the hosting you want to choose should be decided right away and make sure that the type of hosting you use suits your needs. If you want to add to your needs, you can first discuss with the manager or billing who are ready to serve 24 hours. If you need an in-depth explanation, you can call 0822 4264 1000/0822 4264 2000 for more details and details.

Adding a Promotional Code If there is a promotional code, it must be added so that everything is set correctly. Promotions can be stopped at any time without prior notice, so this is where it’s important to write down the promo code on the hosting you want to order.

Hosting Extension A certain amount must be provided while running this extension. If everything is done and payment can be received by us, it will be done correctly. Sometimes there are some people who make payments through the bank so that claims are filed only during business hours.

Successful hosting extension If all steps are done correctly and smoothly, the hosting extension is complete. Now, the hosting you activated has been successfully extended. Just wait for the active time and then do the same thing and repeat every year.

to close

How to refresh on a hoster is very simple. You should only do the steps listed in the instructions. So you can perform various hosting activities perfectly.

After payment, don’t forget to click on the following link, open ticket

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