understanding Domain Subdomain and Hosting

understanding Domain Subdomain and Hosting

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Domain and subdomain are two terms familiar to people who participate in the Internet world every day. However, to many people or beginners on the Internet, each of these two terms may not be known.
Definition of domains
What are domains? If you know search activities or if you like activities Social networkSurely you have visited websites like Google, Blogger, Facebook or Twitter many times. For example, when we type the word blogger in the search field Search enginea page like the following will appear.

how do domain subdomains and hosting work

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https://www.blogger.com/ ……..

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Pay attention to the text above, the underlined and yellow words are called domains (without www). So this blogger site has blogger.com domain.
according to Wikipedia, a domain is a unique name given to identify a computer server on a computer network or the Internet, such as a web server or email server. A domain name is used to make it easier for users on the Internet to access the server. In addition, it is used to remember the name of the visited server without knowing the complicated sequence of numbers known as IP address (Internet Protocol address). A domain name is also known as the main part of a website, for example “wikipedia.org”. Domain names are also sometimes referred to as URLs or website addresses.
Therefore, when we access a site or website, we need to know the IP address of the server where the website is stored. The IP address is in the form of a series of numbers used to access a website. An example of an IP address is 180.214.432.4, and if we access these numbers in the address bar of a web browser, we can directly go to the website that owns the IP address. In short, if a website is like a home, this IP address is the path to that home.
So what does the IP address have to do with the domain? As you know, the IP address is used as a website address in the form of a series of numbers, which is very difficult for most people to remember. Therefore, a domain is created to replace the IP address to make the website address easier to remember.
As another example, a domain name like “facebook.com” is easier to remember than an IP address like 180.214.432.4. In summary, the IP address and domain have the same function, it’s just a different form. And usually the domain name on a website has a unique, short name or a name that relates to the subject of the website.
“So you can say that a domain is a unique name to replace an IP address that aims to make the web address easier to remember.”
Please note that each country has its own domain or country code domain. For example, Indonesia has .id, United States .US domain, Malaysia .my, Australia .au and many others.
Then which country does the .com domain belong to? In general, each domain has its own function according to its needs. .com itself is a domain used for commercial purposes, so .com is not an official domain of a country. .com is one of the first TLDs (Top Level Domains) in the world, which was launched in 1986 and is the most used or the most used by users around the world.
Domains have certain levels
TOP level domains
TOP Level Domain has two types gTLD (Global Top Level Domain) and another named ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain). For gTLDs, the domain name is “only”, here is a list of gTLD domains:

.com: Used for business or corporate purposes

.net: It is used for network infrastructure.

.org: Used for the organization

.edu : Used for educational purposes (restricted to education only)

Go: It is used for government service

Mil: Military (restricted to military purposes only)

.Information: It is used for the information purposes of the website

.biz : Used for business purposes

.TV: Used for entertainment such as television, radio, magazines and more

Travel: Used for tourism business

So, for the ccTLD domain, here is the list:

.net.id: Used for internet provider

.web.id : for public use

.go.id: For government use (preferably for government and must be licensed by the relevant government).

.ac.id : Used as a university for education

.sch.id: Used for primary school

.or ID: used for organization

Definition of subdomains

Each country has its own domain. In Indonesia, since September 1, 2005, the .id domain has become a country code domain. However, the .id domain is actually split into many subdomains.
Subdomains are part of a domain, usually subdomains are used as site or website area division. For example, the main domain of the website is “sulselprov.go.id”, and for the customer or member area, the website uses the subdomain “bkd.sulselprov.go.id”.
In addition to the example above, it concludes that “subdomains are part of the parent domain and are separated by dots before the domain.” So, in “bkd.sulselprov.go.id” the word “bkd” is a subdomain and “sulselprov.go.id” is the parent or domain.

Definition of hosting

Hosting is where your website data such as articles, images, code templates are stored on the host.
In other words, hosting is a “digital flash drive” for website owners. Without hosting, of course, we cannot make a website, because hosting is where all the information necessary for a website is stored on the host.
Before you buy hosting, make sure the host has specifications that meet your website’s needs. Important details in hosting to build a website include:

Space or hosting capacity.

BandwidthA capability used to measure the number of visitors to your website. So I suggest you to choose a host with big bandwidth. Oh yes, this bandwidth is usually reset every month.

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