The 13 best email hosting options for 2023
The 13 best email hosting options for 2023

The 12 best email hosting options for 2023

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The 12 best email hosting options for 2023 with a domain name is now a separate requirement for business people and agencies. For this reason, email hosting is needed so that the need for an email domain is fulfilled. Currently, email hosting services are available that are bundled with website hosting services or only email hosting services.

If you don't need a web hosting service, you can choose an email hosting service instead.

There are various packages of paid email hosting providers that you can choose according to your needs. Each package can be selected according to the amount of storage capacity, the applications provided and various other additional services.

Even though it's paid, email hosting will be more efficient in its use. Besides that, with a domain name that can be made, it will give a professional impression from its users.

Best Email Hosting List

1. Niagahoster
2. Ardetamedia
3. JogjaHost
4. Idcloudhost
5.Microsoft 365
6. GSuite
7. Fasthost
8. Rackspace
9. Zoho
10. FastMail
11. Bluehost
12. Hostinger Indonesia
12. Greatmail

best email hosting list

1. Niagahoster

Niagahoster provides special email hosting services, both for managing business emails, personal emails and organizational emails. By using email hosting and the organization's domain name, customers and co-workers will be more trusting and more comfortable interacting with. Another advantage is that you will appear more professional and more recognized by clients.

The incoming e-mail capacity is quite large, which is around 9600 e-mails per day or as many as 400 e-mails per hour. Because the Niagahoster email hosting server is separate from the web server, email performance is more optimal and more stable. To get a professional email, costs start from 80 thousand rupiah each month. For novice users, a 1 month free trial is provided.

Email hosting from Niagahoster has cPanel features and weekly data backups. Another advantage of the Niagahoster email hosting service is the speed of access and ease of use. So you can send emails quickly and accurately. In fact, you can send to 50 email addresses at once in one shipment.

Visit Niagahoster
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2. Ardetamedia

Ardetamedia is an email hosting provider that can be used for organizational, personal or business purposes. There are various email hosting packages to choose from where each package has different features so that it can be tailored to your needs. For the expert package, the fees charged start at 50 thousand rupiah per month.

As for the extreme package, it can be obtained at prices starting at 90 thousand rupiah per month. The Extreme package is a favorite choice among Ardetamedia users. For larger capacities, you can use the Biz package with prices starting at IDR 150,000 per month. Known as an affordable provider, Ardetamedia also provides a 1 month money back guarantee.

Another advantage of Ardetamedia is its quality service. Security of data and files is also no doubt so that they can avoid firewalls and spam. Email hosting is also equipped with a backup server. Another advantage is that the access speed is quite optimal and the use of Cpanel is easy to use.

Visit Ardetamedia

3. JogjaHost

Apart from providing hosting services, Jogjahost also offers email hosting services. JogjaHost's reputation and experience are known to be quite good and reliable. Having long experience in the hosting field, you can choose JogjaHost as an alternative email hosting provider. The features of the email hosting service from JogjaHost can even be said to be more than standard in general.

It must be admitted that the price of each package offered is indeed quite expensive compared to other providers. But JogjaHost provides service and quality that is commensurate with the price offered. JogjaHost is known as a hosting provider for large scale clients. This trust was won because the technology that JogjaHost uses can be said to be the best in Indonesia.

There are 3 email hosting service packages offered by JogjaHost, namely the Biz package, the Prof package and the Little package. Biz packages can be obtained with prices starting from 200 thousand rupiah per month. For the Prof package, the monthly subscription price offered starts from 150 thousand rupiah. While the Little package is subject to a monthly subscription fee of 100 thousand.

Visit Jogjahost

4. Idcloudhost

Apart from hosting and VPS services, Idcloudhost also has an Indonesian email hosting service. The email hosting facilities from Idcloudhost are quite complete. Besides that, the price is affordable.

You can get standard email hosting starting from IDR 15,000/month. There is also professional email hosting for IDR 30,000/month.

Each Idcloudhost email hosting package is equipped with good features, facilities and support too.

Visit Idcloudhost

5.Microsoft 365

One of the email hosting services with a complete application that can be considered is Office 365. Microsoft Office 365 is suitable for agency employees to support their performance, especially in processing data using excel, powerpoint and word. By subscribing to premium office 365 email hosting, apart from hosted email, you also get office applications that you can use on a daily basis at work.

With only 1 subscription, users will get email hosting, web hosting, desktop and mobile access for word, excel, outlook, powerpoint, OneDrive, OneNote and Skype applications. These facilities can support administrative work and hold online conference meetings. In addition, users also get premium access to Microsoft Teams, which is a kind of face-to-face chat and conference application.

The subscription fee for email hosting Microsoft office 365 Business Premium plan is 12.5 USD per month. The storage capacity obtained is 50 GB for each account. Each account owner can also access freely to all the Microsoft applications that have been mentioned previously. Each user can also take advantage of the 1 TB of online storage in their OneDrive account.

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6. GSuite

Gsuite used to be called Google Apps. The appearance of GSuite is similar to the free Gmail product from Google. In general, the function and appearance are almost the same. To register email hosting on GSuite, you can say it's quite easy. Its use also rarely has significant problems or obstacles so that it can be used as the right hosting choice.

GSuite is almost the same as Office 365. So email hosting is already a package with several application collaborations to communicate within the organization. The storage capacity is quite large, namely 30 GB. You can also access other tools such as notes, drives, Google docs, Google sheets and various other administrations to make it simpler and more concise.

However, it must be admitted that the GSuite subscription fee is quite expensive. The cheapest price for a GSuite email hosting subscription is 5 USD per month. These costs are calculated per user, so if you need email hosting for an organization or agency with more than 1 person then GSuite is deemed less suitable or less ideal because the costs will be more expensive.

7. Fasthost

The advantage of Fasthost is the low cost, making it suitable for those of you who are looking for email hosting with a low budget. If you need email with large capacity storage, of course the cost will be more expensive. But if you need a simple and cheap email for your needs, Fasthost can be the right solution.

Fasthost subscription fees can start from 2 euros per month and you can calculate how much you need yourself. With this fee you will get 2 email addresses with 2 mail boxes with a capacity of 2 GB each. Other facilities provided are antivirus, 24/7 support and email access on web pages. Indeed, the features offered are quite basic.

However, if your needs are not many, using Fasthost will be more efficient. If you need more storage, you can subscribe to an email exchange that can be accessed through Outlook. It costs 5 euros per month for 50 Gb of storage with 5 or more users. As for 100 GB of storage, the subscription price is 10 Euros per month.

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8. Rackspace

Rackspace is a great choice if you only need email hosting. There are several providers that provide various applications to support communication as well as various other tools that can be used if you subscribe to a premium account. But if you only need email hosting, you don't have to pay a fortune and just subscribe to Rackspace.

There are 2 options from Rackspace to choose from, namely email hosting and hosted exchange. Email hosting provides basic email services such as email delivery, contacts and calendars. You can access via the web, desktop or from a mobile phone. Basic features make users more practical to send messages. In addition, the cost is more efficient, which is only 2 USD per month.

Meanwhile, for more extra packages, you can choose the hosted version of Microsoft Exchange. With the extra features, you still pay a lower fee. You can also take advantage of these two options, for example certain members are only given basic email hosting and other members with more needs can be provided with exchange services for 3.5 USD per month.

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9. Zoho

The advantage of Zoho is that it provides a free version of email hosting. With the free version, you can get 25 users for 1 domain. Of course this is good enough to be used by beginners. But if you need more capacity, you can use a paid package. The cheapest Zoho email hosting plan costs 2 USD per year per user.

The feature services provided are actually not only email hosting but also additional features such as GSuite. In general, Zoho is quite okay and stable to use, although it is possible for server downtime to occur, but this rarely happens. The downside of Zoho is the less than optimal anti-spam service. Of course when compared to GSuite, Zoho still loses.

Zoho's standard email hosting package can be obtained at a cost of 3 USD per month. You will get 30 GB of storage and 30 MB of attachments. As for the professional package, the price charged is 6 USD per month. Professional package storage is 100 GB and attachments are 40 MB.

10. FastMail

Fastmail can be selected for business email needs or personal email. The features offered are not many, only focusing on basic features such as calendars, contact lists and sending messages. The advantages of FastMail are its fast delivery and easy operation. You can access it practically both via the web and from your mobile phone.

Because of its simple appearance and minimalist features, it will be suitable for those of you who need fast and simple email conversations. You can also add subdomains or domains to your account. Until now, FastMail cost 5 USD per user per month for the standard plan.

Another unique feature of FastMail is that you can make storage adjustments for other users. For example, your co-workers don't need more than 25GB of storage (standard plan from FastMail). Meanwhile, you need more storage. With FastMail, users can increase storage capacity only for certain accounts so that it is more efficient.

11. Bluehost

Bluehost is suitable for users engaged in small-scale organizations or sectors. You don't need to spend a budget that's too big for email hosting with extra storage. Bluehost will be more suitable for those of you who have a low budget.

Besides the low price, unlimited access and capacity are other advantages of Bluehost. For this reason, customers need to pay attention to existing service provisions regarding the availability of storage resources.

Users will get IMAP4 as well as POP3 and full 27/7 support. Users can also choose email web applications (such as Gmail or Outlook), Horde and Squirrelmail. You can also configure the email client for windows 10 and Mozilla Thunderbird to read emails offline.

12. Hostinger Indonesia

Hostinger Indonesia also provides a special email hosting service that is separate from website hosting services. You can choose a separate email hosting package to make it easier to configure email and minimize problems. If you are interested in moving from the previous default email, the email package from Hostinger makes it possible to migrate to the Hostinger platform.

Email hosting from Hostinger products can be accessed from Android, PC or iOS. You can also open email from other email applications. This convenience makes you more productive because you can access email from anywhere without any interruptions. There are various email hosting packages that you can choose from.

The most popular email hosting plan from Hostinger customers is the Enterprise plan. This package offers multi-device support services. For storage capacity, 30 GB of storage is available and unlimited filters. This package also has antivirus features and can be used with as many as 50 email aliases.

13. Greatmail

Greatmail email hosting has the advantage of a low subscription price. The appearance of the Greatmail email is also classified as basic and standard. For only $1 per month per mail box, you can get 10 GB of storage. Data security is also quite good with the spam protection feature.

The offers given can be said to be quite standard. But if your need for email hosting is not too much, Greatmail is the perfect choice and solution. The tools offered are in the form of email with basic appearance and features, email contacts and calendars.

If the standard Greatmail edition costs 1 USD per month is not enough, you can use a larger package that costs 2 USD per mail box per month. The storage capacity of this package is certainly larger, which is 25 GB. The rest of the contact features and calendar features are still the same as the basic package.

Email has become a necessity and an effective way of communication today. You will get notification messages as well as large storage to share various files more practically.

Then choose an email hosting provider that suits your agency's needs. Consider the capacity and additional applications offered so that the budget can be allocated appropriately and efficiently.

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