Latest Domainesia Hosting Review 2023
Latest Domainesia Hosting Review 2023

Latest Domainesia Hosting Review 2023

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Latest Domainesia Hosting Review 2023 cheap and quality hosting is tricky. Many Indonesian hosting providers offer hosting packages that are affordable, have good specifications, and (he says) are the best.

Latest Domainesia Hosting Review 2023

Then what about hosting from Domainesia?

Domainesia Short Profile

The name Domainesia doesn’t sound new to the Indonesian hosting industry. Automatically this hosting provider already has experience in providing services to its customers. Domainesia itself is known to have been founded in 2009. This means that Domainesia has been handling hosting for around 11 years.

Of course this proves that Domainesia is a hosting service provider that many people should consider. No half-hearted, until now Domainesia has managed to serve more than 50,000 customers. Interestingly, loyal customers are spread from all over Indonesia to foreign countries.

Domainesia focuses its company in Yogyakarta. Domainesia’s office is in Sleman to be precise. In terms of server location Domainesia provides many choices to its customers. There are five data center options that you can make as alternatives. One of the data centers is in Jakarta for customers in Indonesia.

While the other four are in Singapore, Tokyo, London and Dallas. Interestingly, the various data center options have the same price variations. Until now, Domainesia’s loyal users claim that the hosting service is affordable. Especially with the presence of SSD technology in all hosting package services.

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Domainesia Hosting Packages and Prices

Domainesia divides hosting services into two variations of package options. Both are cheap and business-only hosting packages. The cheap hosting packages are still divided into three price options. The first is the extra package which costs Rp. 16.00 per month.

The package includes 750MB of storage space, unlimited email and bandwidth and 5 free websites. The second package is called super and costs IDR 32,000 per month. This package offers 2bg storage capacity, unlimited email, bandwidth, website, SSH access and free domain. The third is the monster package service.

In the monster package, customers only need to spend IDR 64,000 per month. Services include 5bg of storage space, unlimited bandwidth, website, email, free domain and SSH access. Meanwhile, professional business hosting services are divided into four choices.

The four are Micro, Mega, Giga and Exa. For micro services, the price starts from IDR 80,000 per month. While the highest is held by Exa’s business hosting service. Exa’s hosting package costs up to IDR 640,000 per month. This price includes services for some features.

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Other Domainesia Services

Not only providing the main services in the form of cheap hosting and only the business version. Domainesia also provides additional services to help you control a website. You can still choose additional services in the form of VPS. This service is divided into four price options and storage space.

Available storage space ranges from 512mb to 24bg. While the price given starts from IDR 100,000 per month. Meanwhile, if you want to get a high-performance VPS service, you only need to spend IDR 4,800,000 per month. There are three advantages to the VPS service.

It is not yet known whether Domainesia also provides dedicated servers to its customers. However, so far Domainesia provides unlimited SSL certificates and free domains for its chosen package. Meanwhile, email hosting itself is included in the features of several business service packages.

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Advantages of Domainesia

Speaking of advantages, Domainesia excels in data centers. This is because Domainesia has a tier 3 data center in the Cyber ​​1 Building, Jakarta. This is very supportive for those of you who want to get fast access. Especially for sites that have the majority of visitors from within the country.

Not only that, this super-fast access is supported by a total bandwidth of around 1gbps. This unlimited data transfer is perfect for supporting websites with high visitor traffic. You can see the next advantage in the features presented by Domainesia in each package.

The web hosting service provided by Domainesia already supports various features for website development. For example, developer friendly which is equipped with Git, SSH, Node.js and Composer. Not only that, the server that is run is optimized at high speed. This is accompanied by high security features.

Regarding security, Domainesia uses anti-malware technology. Its function is to prevent hacking of website data. Domainesia also provides free server migration access. This is very useful for those of you who have already used the old server. In fact, the migration was carried out without any additional costs.

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Disadvantages of Domainesia

Even though it excels in its security system, unfortunately Domainesia still has deficiencies. As the uptime record is not good. In several tests conducted by its customers, it was noted that the uptime tends to be not good. Uptime record testing was even done for the last 10 months.

In this test, Domainesia failed to provide good uptime. In fact, it recorded downtime with quite large numbers. The total downtime recorded during the last 10 months of testing was 172 times. When calculated based on Domainesia’s downtime hours, the time is quite fantastic.

Total downtime is about 8 hours. Of course this needs to be looked at again. The reason is that long downtime causes your site to be inaccessible to visitors. You also cannot access the website page. During big downtime you also cannot carry out business activities via the website.

Even though it still has deficiencies in terms of uptime, Domainesia can still be considered. Moreover, the affordable price given to its users. This is a distinct advantage in the era of web hosting business competition. You can still manage business and personal websites with cheap hosting prices from Domainesia.

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