Is PHP Hosting really Free? see here

Is PHP Hosting Really Free? see here

Free PHP hosting is a favorite of web-based application developers. In general, PHP hosting is done by hosting rental services that are widely available on the Internet. But of course, hosting services are not free or paid. In this article we will discuss the steps to install or deploy PHP.

The first step is to visit the Heroku website and register. As shown in the following pictures.

Sign up or register on the Heroku website

After registration, the next step is to verify through the Google Authenticator app. Install this app on mobile phone. Select One Time Password Generators from the menu that looks like the image below.
2-way authentication from Heroku

Use the Google Authenticator app installed on your mobile phone to scan the QR code displayed on the screen. Then enter the code provided by the app. In the example image below, the application outputs the code 391118.
Enter the QR code verification code.
Building an application on Heroku

If the registration process is successful, it will look like the picture below.

Click the Create New App button to create a location for the application to be deployed on Heroku. The screen will look like the image below. Enter the desired application name. In the example below, the name of the application is phpappku.

Building an application on Heroku

The next step is to install the Hero CLI application. The application can be downloaded on the Hero CLI page as shown in the image below.
Downloading the Heroku CLI app.
Create a working folder

The next step is to create a working folder on your PC/Laptop device or PC. Example as shown in the following image.
Create a folder where the PHP application will run

Type the following command to log in to Heroku remotely.
$ heroku login

Create a file with the following code, for example index.php
Log in to Heroku
Creating a Heroku build package: PHP

This step tells Heroku what programming language to use. In this example, the PHP programming language is used. Type the following command.
$ echo {} > composer.json
$ heroku create –buildpack Artikel
Create composer.json and buildpack:PHP files
Deploy free PHP hosting

Following is the final process for deploying free PHP hosting on Heroku. Run some of the following commands.
$ git add .
$ git commit -am “deploy hosting PHP gratis”
$ git push heroku masterCopy Artikel
Deploy free PHP hosting on Heroku
A look at free PHP hosting on Heroku

After successful deployment on Heroku, the generated application can be accessed at the web address provided by Heroku. In this example the address is A screenshot of the website looks like below.
Deploy free PHP hosting View on Heroku.
Summary Free PHP Hosting

The installation process on Heroku can be said to be very easy even though you have to do many steps. The process performed is a basic description of the needs of a PHP-based application. The installation process of the database can be checked directly through the Heroku website. Similar articles can be accessed through the creative menu.

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