How to install WordPress in less than 5 minutes

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How to install WordPress in less than 5 minutes – In this article, I will explain how How to install WordPress (less than 5 minutes) on different web hosting. Interesting right?

There are many web hosting companies today, from local companies (Indonesia) to foreign companies. I cannot discuss the WordPress installation process for all web hosting companies, because in principle it is more or less the same.

I will explain the process of installing WordPress A popular web hosting company And the ones I use now include Hostgator, Site5 and Siteground

How to install WordPress in less than 5 minutes

Important information

Before you start installing WordPress on your web hosting, make sure you already have a domain and hosting. If you don’t have a domain and hosting yet, please read the article below:

What is WordPress? WordPress is an easy and free to install content management system (CMS) for creating websites. So WordPress is one way to easily create a website without needing special skills like programming languages.

Why make a WordPress website?

This is the reason why I recommend you to run a WordPress website.

Make it WordPress Very easy to useYou just click, no special skills required.

This WordPress platform Free is not paid..

Other than that, it’s WordPress. Currently the most used platform They used WordPress not only from Indonesia but also from different countries to create a website. Isn’t it cool?

No less important, this WordPress Supported by various extensions / add-ons (plugins) You can download it for free. The functionality of these WordPress plugins will eventually help meet the functional requirements of your website.

Well, it’s time to get into the main topic of this article. How to Install WordPress on Web Hosting
How to install WordPress on different hosting

Basically, installing WordPress in every hosting company is the same, the only difference is the name of the tool used to install WordPress. These tools in each hosting company may be different.

The following are the most commonly used ones (all available via cpanel):

Simple Script (Bluehost)

Fast Upload (Hostgator, BBI)

Soft (site and many other companies)

Fantastico (other companies)

To install WordPress, You need to access your web hosting cPanel. This information is in the email you receive after purchasing web hosting. Get a username and password to access your cPanel.
How to install WordPress on Hostgator, Site5 and Siteground

The first stepEnter your Cpanel and scroll down to find something called Quick Install

Step twoClick and install WordPress

Third levelFill in the WordPress installation data

Choose a domain name, where you install WordPress. Make sure the domain name is a domain name that WordPress has not been installed on before. If you choose a domain name that already has content, it can replace the content of your previous website. If your domain name does not appear in the list, you will need to add it to the domain. You can learn about it in the article How to connect a domain to web hosting.

Empty. Because you want to install it in the main folder of your domain (not in a subfolder).

Your administrator e-mail

The title of your website. You can change it again later in the WordPress Admin menu

Usernames for your WordPress website. For now, avoid using “admin” as a username to be safe

first name

Last name

Click the Install WordPress button

As shown below in this installation process, you will need a theme from WordPress. Just click, no thanks.

Fourth levelVerify that your installation is successful (see the image below) and Save your login data like username, password, URL In: Click View Credentials. This data will later be used to log into your WordPress admin page.

You can check if your WordPress is installed properly and correctly by going to your domain name and WP admin.

Done, congratulations you have successfully installed WordPress on your Hostgator web hosting.
Station 5

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The WordPress installation process on Site5 is not much different from Hostgator, only that the tool used is not a fast installation, but rather. Web applications

The first stepAfter logging into Cpanel from your Site5

Click on Web Apps – Install and manage web apps

Click on WordPress

Now click on Install

Step twoFill in your data for WordPress installation on Site5

PrefixYou are free to use http://www or without www. Because now there are many websites without www, use them without www.

DomainSelect the domain you want to install wordpress

DirectoryLeave it blank, because you want to install WordPress in the root (main domain) and not in a subfolder.

Database name, table prefixLeave it alone, because Site5 has already filled it for you

Site name and site descriptionYou can change it later when you are in the WordPress admin section

Admin username, for now, avoid using “admin”, because it is easy for hackers to guess. You can change it.

Confirm the admin password, password and admin email. Fill in the data as desired.

Important records: You must register or save this username and password because you cannot make changes to your WordPress website without using this username and password.

The last part It’s email installation details, enter your email, later you will receive an email from the WordPress admin with the username and password information you entered above. This is so you don’t forget.

Then click on Install button. After that, there will be a waiting process for some time, and the installation process of WordPress on Site5 is complete.
Site land

The first stepAfter logging in to your SiteGround account, click on My Accounts and go to cPanel

Step twoClick WordPress or Softaculous, you are free to click which one, because both will take you to the same page.

Third levelFill in your WordPress data

Select the protocolYou are free to use http://www or without www. I recommend you to just choose http:// without using www.

Select domainsSelect the domain where you want to install WordPress

In the directory, Leave this section blank, because you will be installing WordPress in your root (not a subfolder).

Database nameleave it, because Siteground has already filled it for you

Table prefixesIgnore it, because it is already filled

Admin username and password, is self-contained. You can change the admin username and admin password, so it’s easier for you to remember. For usernames, avoid using usernames that are easy to guess, such as admin. As for the password, make a combination of numbers, letters and special characters to make it difficult to hack

The last part Enter the admin email and click the install button

That’s how tutoring works. How to install WordPress With different web hosting like Hostgator, Site5 and Siteground.
Video tutorial on how to install WordPress on different hosting

If you want to learn in video form, you can play the video below.

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