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How to fast index google console 2023 – For most bloggers, they often have questions, how to get articles indexed by Google quickly in a short period of time. Of course, even in seconds. One way is to use Google Search Console. So, how do you index articles in Google Search or GSC?

Indexed articles will be easier for visitors to find. In other words, the text more quickly website Or your blog is indexed by Google, then it has the opportunity to increase traffic.

website Or a blog with good traffic, it really increases the reputation website As well as the blog itself. In addition, your income is also higher.

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How to index articles in Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a Google tool that you can use for free. As an owner website or blog, Google Search Console can help you track and improve performance. website or a blog.

Apart from that, Google Search Console is also mentioned as a tracking tool website Believable. In this way, you can know the performance of your website or blog, text placement, traffic, performance website Or blog on mobile devices, as far as you know Key words Famous.

Given the many benefits of Google Search Console, we hope you own it website Or bloggers can use it. Tools This is possible. So with that in mind, here are some simple tips you can implement to make text

indexing faster with Google Search Console.

Open Google Search Console

The first thing you need to do is open the Google Search Console page. On that page, you’ll find more information about Google Search Console.

before use Tools In this case, it is a good idea to carefully read and understand all the information you have. In this way, you can use it Tools This is to facilitate the text website or blogs. You can then proceed by clicking “Start Now” on the page.

Register for a website or blog on Google Search Console

Next, register website Or your blog on Google Search Console. The following are the steps.

The first step is to first set up a Google or Gmail account.

When you open the Google Search Console page and click “Start Now,” you’ll see two options. First, the domain name (on the left) and the URL prefix (on the right). Please select “New Domain” menu.

After that, write your web/blog domain name without using the full URL in the provided column. For example, “”. Then press the “Continue” button at the bottom.

The next step is the Google Search Console page that displays the “Code TXT Record”. Please click the “Copy” button on the right.

Paste the “code TXT record” in the domain provider panel to make your article successful in Google Search Console. To do this, open the “Domain Provider” site, then click the “Manage DNS” button, then click the “Edit Zone” button, then click the “Add Record” button, after which the “Add New Record” window will appear. Next, fill the available fields like Name, TXT, TTL and paste the TXT Record you copied into the RDATA column.

The next step is to click the “Add Record” button.

After you finish copying the TXT code, go back to the Google Search Console page and click the “Verify” button.

After that, a green pop-up window will appear with the words “Ownership Confirmed”, which means that the process of registering your website or blog to Google Search Console is successful, complete.

Create a site map

To use Google Search Console to index articles, you need to create a sitemap or sitemap. A sitemap or sitemap is a tool for webmasters that is used to promote sitemaps on websites.

Basically, this sitemap can be two in the form of XML files and HTML files. This XML file is for search engines to find web content. The HTML file is meant to make it easier for the reader to navigate the internal menu. website or a blog.

You only need to register a sitemap or XML file sitemap with Google so that search engines can crawl it. Here’s how to index articles in Google Search Console via Sitemap.

The first step is to verify that you are signed in using a Google or Gmail account.

Next, open the Google Search Console site or page.

When the site opens, please click the “Start Now” button.

Once on the Google Search Console page, the “Web Search Performance Graph” will appear. After that, click on the “three flat lines” button at the top left of the screen.

Next, select the “Site Map” menu.

If you are already on the sitemap page, please enter the page URL website You and add the extension /sitemap.xml. For example,

After that, click the “Enter” button.

The sitemap will then run until the submission process is complete.

When finished, a pop-up window will appear with the words or notification “Sitemap successfully submitted”. After that press the “OK” button.

Now, your sitemap page now has new information about the sitemap submitted to Google along with the type and date it was submitted.

Analyze the performance of your website

Indexing articles in Google Search Console is also inseparable from analyzing performance. website Or your blog. This can be done by selecting the “Performance” menu.

You can also view various matrices in this menu. You can start by analyzing performance website About page rank, CTR, most popular pages or articles, impressions, to Key words The popular one.

Apart from this, you can find problematic articles or other things and make improvements immediately. Therefore performance website To improve the article.

In fact, Google Search Console has other benefits that are less important than making articles easily indexed by Google. For example, knowing the most popular pages on Search programsIt helps to reject the link, to find out the origin User or visitors website.

Not only this, another benefit is knowing the backlinks it contains. website And find security problems easily website Or your blog.

Not only can you index articles with Google Search Console, but you can also implement other methods to index articles faster. Like creating a meta description and Key wordsCreate category pages or content tags Back links Quality, to put an RSS feed on the page website. Google Search Console is one of the main tools in the field of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Google has many features that can be used to speed up the indexing process. So from here, indexing articles with Google Search Console is one of the right strategies. website Or your blog.

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