How to create a website with hosting that is being used in 2023

How to create a new website with hosting that is being used in 2023, in this article we will learn how to add a website using an addon domain or a subdomain that we have created on the same hosting.

What is the maximum amount we can add a new domain or subdomain to our hosting? Of course, each hosting provider has their own policies, some allow only one domain, some allow a limited amount, and some allow unlimited domains and subdomains. For that you should pay attention to the specifications of the hosting you are using

do you want to create a new website?

What are domains?

We can call the domain (URL) to take us to the website we are going to. Usually we write the domain in the browser as .com, .id, .net, .org and others.
What are subdomains?

Subdomains can also be said to be domains, but subdomains themselves cannot stand alone. To create a subdomain in hosting, of course, we must have an active parent domain or parent domain.

Types of subdomains as per your needs. Examples store, blog, forum, news, events and others according to needs
How to add a domain (Addon Domain).

If you want to add the domain you just bought to your existing hosting, you can use this method. Be it from the same supplier or a different supplier. To get a complete guide, you can follow the steps below:

Adding domains from different providers :

The first step is to go to the member area where you purchased a new domain > click Manage Name Servers on one of the domains you want to change name servers for.

Notes : The appearance in the image below may differ from your member domain location.

Select “Use Custom Name Servers” > Enter Destination Host Name Servers > Click “Change Name Server” button.

If you have hosting, go to Cpanel > click on the “Addon Domains” feature

Enter your domain name in the “New Domain Name” column, subdomains and document root will be filled automatically > click “Add Domain”.

If you click Add Domain, you will receive a notification that the domain addition was successful.

Or you can check directly to the domain, then the newly added domain appears

Note: Changing a fully configured DNS to hosting can take a few minutes or hours.

Adding domains from the same provider:

You don’t need to configure DNS to add a domain on the same provider. On your cpanel hosting you just need to add the addon domain.

Why don’t you want to make DNS settings? Because usually for domains in the same provider, it points directly to the hosting name server.
How to add subdomains

How to add subdomain to existing hosting, you can follow below steps.

Log into your hosting provider’s cpanel > look for the “Subdomains” feature

Enter the desired subdomain name. For example, Store, Blog, News, Information and others as you need > Select the main domain > Document root will be filled automatically > Click “Create”.

After clicking Create, a notification will appear if the subdomain creation is successful

At this point, the process of adding a subdomain is complete. Or if you want to see where the list of subdomains you created earlier is, follow this guide

Go back to cpanel > look for the “Subdomains” feature, then you will see the list of subdomains you have created.
How to build a website on addon domains and subdomains

How to add a WordPress site in a new domain and subdomain, there are no specific steps on how to install WordPress in general. It’s just a matter of selecting the domain or subdomain you want to use.

For this reason, I’ll just merge them this time using a new Domain and Subdomain in the WordPress installation phase, where you can focus on choosing the domain you want to use.

keep using the old hosting on the new website

You can follow the instructions below.

Login to cpanel from host

Look for the “Softaculous Apps Installer” feature

Click on “WordPress Logo”.

Click “Install Now”.

“Software Setup” for settings

Select the version of WordPress you want to use. We recommend using the latest version

For domain options, you can click on the domain or subdomain you want to use to install WordPress.

For Folder Directory, leave it blank.

For site settings, you can enter a site title and site description based on the site you are creating

For admin accounts. Enter your username, password and active email (note that this username and password will be used later when you log in to the website)

Select the language you want to use

Scroll down > Click “Install”.

The installation process is in progress > wait for it to finish

When you’re done, you’ll get a notification that the installation was successful. You can directly visit the website you installed via the link provided or go directly to your WordPress dashboard.

OK, so far we have successfully added a new website to the domain or a new subdomain on the same hosting.

Finally, thanks to the author, I hope this article will be useful.

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