How to buy Hosting 2023

How to buy Hosting 2023

How to buy a domain and hosting It’s simple. You can have a domain and hosting in less than 30 minutes. If you want to create a website, they are domain and hosting. So you cannot separate it from the world of websites. In this article, we provide a guide on how to buy a domain and how to buy hosting in one of the hosting companies we recommend. Ready to follow the simple steps to order your domain and hosting?
There are many hosting companies in Indonesia such as,, and

The right way to buy Hosting

One of his recommendations for buying and hosting domains in Indonesia is to keep the costs cheap. If you buy domains and host abroad, the reference is to the dollar exchange rate, which increases in value. So it is better if you only buy Indonesian domains and hosting. In addition to being pocket-friendly, the quality of the service is not inferior to external hosting. Apart from this, many Indonesian hosts offer overseas server options. So paying for domain and hosting still uses rupiah but utilities are dollars.
How to buy hosting and domains

In this article, we would like to guide you on how to buy and host a domain on the DomaiNesia site. First, when you open DomaiNesia site, after opening the page, you will be faced with a search menu that can be used to select the domain name you want. For example, in this example we want to create a new domain named physerbal. Just type in php, then several domain choices will appear, starting with .com, .net, .id, and more.
How to find domains

Not all addresses can be bought, if someone has already bought the address, you can’t do anything but wait until he buys the domain or it’s better to use another name. As in the example above, the domain cannot be purchased because someone already has it, so we chose another name that no one has, i.e.

After confirming that the domain you want is selected, simply choose to order a minimum 2GB hosting package. We recommend this package because by ordering this cheap domain and hosting package you don’t have to pay for the domain, aka it’s domain free. But this works for some Domain extensions Popular like .com, .net, org and many other popular domains.

See the image below to choose a hosting package.
How to buy hosting

At DomaiNesia, apart from choosing the appropriate cheap hosting package, you can choose the server location that suits you. And the price of servers everywhere is the same, isn’t it?

Domain and hosting package prices
For a saver package with 2 GB of disk space, the price for domain and hosting packages on Domaine is around Rp. 396,000. Because you already get a pretty big discount of 20%, so if you buy a domain and host it for a year, it won’t be up to Rp. 350 thousand, but enough Rp. 316,800 only.
Buy a domain and hosting package

Domain and hosting fees

The next step is to make a payment. Please login to register a domain and process payments. If you are not registered with DomaiNesia, please register only on the menu provided first. Registration is free and easy.
Hosting and domain fees

The activation process in this company is fast. If you make a payment and enter an activation code while making a payment through Internet Banking or a non-cash ATM. After the transfer is successful, please click the payment button. If the payment is correct, your domain and hosting are immediately active. So you don’t need to do time-consuming manual payment verification.

After your domain and hosting order is activated, you can immediately log into cpanel to create a website of your choice. Please take action and buy a domain and hosting with DomaiNesia now, Click here To go directly to the main page of the DomaiNesia website.

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