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Hosting of a website free new 2023 – Ready to bring your ideas to life or want to share your knowledge or experience with the world on the web? Then what could be better than starting your own blog? Blogging has been a great career opportunity or hobby for many individuals.

Although the number of bloggers on the Internet has increased significantly in the last decade. After all, it’s not just limited to sharing your experience or ideas, it’s also become a great source of passive income.

So, many individuals also consider it as their career choice, but the catch is that now there are so many options, it has become very difficult and confusing for beginners to choose the right blog hosting site.

So, to make things easier for you, we bring you some of the best blog hosting sites from which you can choose one and start blogging. In addition, we will guide you on what features to look for and what to avoid.

Then what are you waiting for? get started!

Best Blog Hosting Sites: Must Have Key Features.

Blog hosting sites: Must have key features.

Before jumping straight into the list of best blog hosting sites, it’s a good idea to do your homework first on what features a blog hosting site should have. This way, it will help you to find the best blog hosting site without any mistakes.

Hosting of a website free new 2023

It should have a low learning curve.

As a beginner, you need to have a simple blog hosting site setup, a low learning curve, and no prior special technical or coding knowledge. This is because you are starting a simple blogging website rather than any business or corporate website. Furthermore, you will be able to setup, design and post your blogs without any hassle.

Easy to measure and improve

People love to search things online and keep looking for their answers on various blogging websites. If you can provide what you want, your blogging website will automatically get higher rankings in SERPs, which will increase your website traffic. Over time, website traffic will increase and the time will come when you will need to upgrade your website facilities.

Therefore, a blog hosting site should provide a seamless experience with plenty of customization options to scale your website if needed. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to switch to other blog hosting sites later.

A lot of space to customize

Who doesn’t like being their own boss, especially if you’re running a blog site? Blogging allows you to not only add a personal touch to your website, but also to change its look and feel. Therefore, the best blog hosting site will provide you with a wide range of templates, website builders, and third-party tools to provide you with plenty of options.

On the other hand, poor blog hosting sites are standalone and only provide you with some default templates without any option for further customization.

Allows for monetization options

Quality content has many other benefits besides increasing traffic. The more visitors start checking your content, the better the search engine rankings will be, and the more opportunities there will be to make money from it.
If you want to read more about how to monetize your blog and explore different possibilities, please check out our special blog on “How to monetize your blog with 15 proven methods” in a very simple and detailed way.

Therefore, your blog hosting site should allow you to monetize your blog in various ways without any limitations or restrictions.

Allow to add codes or scripts

Adding codes and scripts to your blog not only allows you to add certain features or functions, but also allows you to monitor the performance of your blog site. Google Search Console And Google Analytics These are two essential tools that you will want to integrate with your blog. This is only possible by adding their scripts to your blog’s header tags.

On the other hand, if your blog hosting site doesn’t allow you to add scripts or you don’t like to do so, there should at least be a built-in tool to get all the insights about your blog. Performance.

Free basic but important features

It would be best if you avoid blog hosting sites that offer you less features. There are many blog hosting sites that offer you bonus features when you first sign up. Whether it’s coupons, free emails, free SSL certificates, free themes, free plugins, or a domain name.

If they don’t offer all these freebies in their lowest plan, they should at least offer it in their highest plan or else get rid of it. This way, you can save a lot of money from buying all these exemptions from other third-party providers.

Now that you have an idea of ​​the key features you should look for in a blog hosting site, let’s take a look at some of the most popular and widely used blog hosting sites, both free and paid, on the market.

Website coordinator

5 Best Blog Hosting Sites (Paid)

Here is a list of paid blog hosting sites that we have come up with after sifting through the various options available in the market and making it easy for you to choose the right one.

WPOven (Premium yet affordable blog hosting platform)


Square space



WPOven with WordPress


WPOven It is a reliable and affordable managed WordPress hosting site that is a suitable option for small to large blogs without any restrictions. WPOven offers you a. Well-WordPress optimized environment with Powerful managed servers, This means that the bloggers can easily rely on them.

Whether it’s updating WordPress core files, plugins, and themes to doing all the automatic regular backups and security measures, WPOven handles it all seamlessly and brings you a smoother experience than ever before.

In addition to that, unlike other dedicated blog hosting sites that don’t offer much customization and flexibility. WPOven gives you the power of a WordPress CMS where you can easily turn any simple blog into a full eCommerce website in no time.

This means you are not limited to blogging but it opens the door to different monetization options and can be a great income option.

Get premium features in WPOven’s affordable hosting plans

Unlimited site hosting

Migrate all your sites for free

Daily malware scanning and backup

Risk free 14 days money back

Build in web application firewall and bot protection

Website development and management support (SEO service, web management, graphic design)

Advantages and disadvantages of WPOven


Powerful WordPress-optimized managed servers

Highly customizable

Create your blog in minutes

CDN ready cloud

Affordable plans with premium add-ons

Easy to measure and improve

It gives you many customization options

Easy to set up

Unlimited hosting, free SSL certificates and free e-mail

Enterprise level security

Unlimited preparation

Easy migration and user-friendly dashboard

Top level expert and VA support 24X7


We don’t think there is any reason to break the agreement to host your blog on WPOven.


WPOven offers you monthly and yearly plans suitable for every type of user. The plan starts with $16.61 per month And it comes with all the key features that are essential for starting and running a blog, a Free SSL certificate, Free emailAnd Unlimited sites.

  1. Spirits


Ghost is a blogging platform with minimal features and design, aimed entirely at writers and simple bloggers. It offers both hosted and free downloadable software options that you can install yourself. But it has its own problems and complications which we will let you know in the pros and cons section.
Advantages and disadvantages of spirits


Focusing on bloggers and writers

Clean and user-friendly interface

It is cheap and comes with good features

Easy setup and go with the hosted version

Fast and efficient


Complex installation and technical composition

Limited and basic features

Poor elasticity

Limited monetization options

Limited features

There are no easy customization options


As we mentioned earlier, Ghost offers both self-hosted and web hosting services. Their Ghost Pro plan starts at $9 per month with an audience limit of 500 per employee user.If you want to self-host, simply download the free Ghost CMS and run it on your VPS server or BlackBerry pi.
Ghost Review – WPOven review

Ghost can be a great choice for hobbyists, writers or simple bloggers, to grow and generate some income for him in the near future.

  1. Square space

Square space

Squarespace is an all-in-one online platform, with which you can build any type of blog or website on your own without using any external help. The platform is very suitable for beginners to build their websites or blogs as quickly as possible because there are no hard techniques in it. It is best known for its simple and easy-to-use features such as drag-and-drop builder, ready-to-use templates, etc., which give you an overall professional experience.

Even if he has little knowledge in web development, this platform can be used to create visually attractive websites according to modern standards. This platform allows users to create any website from simple blogs to e-commerce stores or business portfolios.
Advantages and disadvantages of Squarespace


Suitable for beginners

Easy to set up and build your blog

It has beautiful and professional pre-made templates

Best suited for blogging websites. If your main focus is creating a blog website.

It offers the option of many new features such as podcast integration, multiple authors and auto-scheduled posts.

Install SSL certificates on all…

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