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Hostia Free Hosting and Domain Services, at have chosen ‘Free Hostia’ to be our current domain and hosting provider. That’s why we think this short review of ‘Free Hostia’ will be very useful for other people from around the Globe who are looking for domain name and web hosting services. We say people from all over the globe, because the simple truth is that ‘freehostia’ currently offers domain and hosting services in several server farms: USA (Chicago, IL), England (Maidenhead, 20 miles from London), Sweden (Stockholm) and In Australia (Sydney). In this way, it includes the entire world. At least from the Internet’s point of view. So, here’s what you can expect from a few words ‘Free Hotia’:

Shared web hosting packages

First list We at have found the cheapest shared web hosting accounts offered by ‘Free Hotia’. Sharing doesn’t sound too good, does it? Well, that’s what it’s called: shared web hosting. The good thing here is that the webspace hosting accounts provided by ‘Free Hosya’ are built on an in-house avantgarde cloud web hosting platform (every hosting service, such as e-mail, database, website hosting control panel, storage). Location, DNS, statistics and so on are being handled separately by the web hosting servers in the package. This is a big problem that every cPanel web hosting provider on earth faces because cPanel is a single server based web hosting platform (each hosting service like email, database, web hosting CP, disk space, DNS, statistics, etc.) being hosted by a single web server), cPanel is not open source (so cPanel-based web hosting providers cannot include additional functions and use it the way they want) and no open source file system (they have to build their own file system), which means that any cloud web Hosting service is a prerequisite. Let’s go back to the shared web space hosting accounts shared with a true cloud web hosting platform. With a shared web hosting account, each customer pays only for the plan, keeping web hosting costs incredibly low (since multiple customers are on the same web hosting server). In short, a shared hosting package that runs on a bundled web hosting solution allows you to pay only for the resources you actually need, avoiding paying for a powerful hosting plan that you may not actually use. A small hosting account that cannot host your website. The possibility to upgrade your account from one package to another with just 2 mouse clicks gives you the opportunity to start with a small package and upgrade as your site expands. This way you save money on advertising while the website is still fresh. Each and every website hosting plan offered by ‘Free Hotia’ offers an online website builder and more than forty widely used scripting platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Zen Cart and Moodle that cost you $100 for site design solutions. ‘Free Hotia’ provides shared web site hosting plans in several regions across the Globe. There is one data center in Chicago that covers the US and Canada; 2 European data center facilities – in the UK and Sweden; and another in Australia, which covers the Asia-Pacific region. Thus, almost the entire Globe to provide you and your website’s visitors with a stable and reliable web hosting solution wherever they are needed. Generally, the shared hosting plans offered by ‘Free Hotia’ are fairly well stocked and available at a good price (starting from $0.00 for the chocolate package).

Semi-dedicated web hosting servers

For less experienced users, managing a virtual server can seem complicated. That’s why ‘Free Hosya’ maintains semi-dedicated web hosting servers in its main US server farm in Chicago. Managing these packages is similar to managing a regular shared web hosting account through the Website CP GUI. They have all the features of a shared account, such as a free website builder and a PHP script installer, but the amount of system resources provided by a semi-dedicated web server plan is many times greater than a shared web hosting plan. For example, the central processing unit power used is about five times more compared to shared web hosting plans. Compared to a shared website hosting account, the database queries included in the semi-dedicated hosting plans are much larger: 90 000 per hour. Unscalable is a hosted domain quota pattern. Semi-dedicated server web hosting accounts do not come with full server root access (we, at, think this is a bit of a negative point), but the advantage is that they are managed by the same web hosting CP tool. Shared website hosting accounts. This means that a familiar graphical user interface is available to all users who are not confident enough to manage a VPS web hosting server, but at the same time it requires more power and system resources than a virtual server can transfer to them. This is because semi-dedicated hosting servers share the same powerful Avantgarde servers resources as those hosting private virtual web hosting server packages, but with the same number of semi-dedicated web hosting servers. It is very low (between 20 and 30 per server), but private virtual servers can reach a much larger number (80 to 120 per server). With that information in mind, the semi-dedicated servers shipped by FreeHosya can be incredibly cheap (in terms of price) for the Boabab plan starting at $29.95.

Dedicated hosting servers

In’s opinion, huge websites such as social networks, community and business web portals or popular web shops with thousands of customers require a more powerful web hosting platform. The chapters from ‘Free Hotia’ also seem to reach the same conclusion. To meet the needs of its users, ‘Free Hotia’ offers a host of dedicated web servers that can manage millions of daily hits. That review focuses on the hardware configurations of the dedicated hosting servers: dual and quad-core processors, up to four gigabytes of RAM, two thousand GB of disk storage and Gigabit NICs will undoubtedly ensure fast and stable operation of any type of website.

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