Here’s how to create 2 Domains with 1 Hosting

Here's how to create 2 Domains with 1 Hosting those of you who have a web hosting account, you know that one hosting account can be used for multiple domains. This means you can create multiple websites from one hosting account. How to create 2 domains in 1 hosting?

Are you curious? See full details below…

The example I use for it is the service. Unlimited hosting from Niagahoster.

To be honest, I also understand that we can add more than one new domain to one hosting account

So, if there is a question, can one host for multiple domains?

like this using 1 Hosting account with 2 domains

The answer is yes!!

The trick is to use attributes Addon domains.

Adon Domain feature from Nyagahoster

For those of you who have never tried it, let’s do it together. Addon domains of
Steps to make 2 domains in 1 hosting Nyagahoster

Because I already have Domains and hosting Those who are still active with Nyagahoster, I can also use this feature of the addon domain.

The first step…
Enter the Nyagahoster member dashboard

to enter Dashboards Or members area This is definitely something you should do. log on First.

A screenshot of the Nyagahoster member area dashboard

In this member area, there are many features or menus that you can use, starting with all the service information you use on Nyagahoster, WordPress management, billing, affiliates and more.

The second step…
Click the Manage Hosting button

Button Manage hosting You can find this in the active hosting package pictured below…

Set up a hosting button in the Nyagahoster member area

The third step…
Select the cPanel tab in the hosting settings

From this cPanel tab, select or press the menu All features of cPanel.

Hosting the settings menu in the Nyagahoster member area

On to step four…
Select Domains from the menu icon

After entering the cPanel page, search or scroll down to the Domains section (or you can use the search feature).

In this Domains section, you can find and select the Addon Domains menu.

Addon domains feature in cPanel

On to step five…
Enter a new domain name

So, in this step or steps is the process of entering a new domain name in the hosting account you are using.

Also, make sure that the domain name you are adding through this addon domain is active.

Adding a new domain through the addon domain feature

For example, you enter in the New domain name field, then the new domain will automatically appear in the subdomain.

The root of the document is also /public_html/

Everything is auto-populated, but if you want to change it, that’s fine.

If you are sure that you are correct, simply select or click the button Add domains.

Well, except for this method, from the third step, you can click immediately Addon domains.

Make sure you get a notification if the addon domain process is successful as shown below.

The notification of the Addon Domain process has been successfully completed

The last step…
Check the new domain added

I am here using the domain

You can see the results of my successful addon domain process in the image below…

The new domain has been successfully added.

If you’re successful, all you need to do is update the nameservers so that the doram name and website you added is available.
Video tutorial how to make 2 domains in 1 hosting

What is an addon domain?

What are addon domains and how do I use them? Check it out in the video below.


For those who already have a web hosting account, it’s okay to try adding your other domains.

This means you can create more than one website from one web hosting account.

You no longer need to sign up for new hosting to create a new website.

However, you should also pay attention to the resources of the web hosting service you use. Don’t let it OverloadingBecause if there is interference from one website, the effect will definitely hit the other website.

Ideally one website or one domain is one web hosting.

But if not yet Budget It’s okay if you try the method I described above.

We hope this information is useful and good luck.

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