Google Cloud: How Much Will It Cost You in 2024?
Google Cloud: How Much Will It Cost You in 2024?

Google Cloud: How Much Will It Cost You in 2024?

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Google Cloud: How Much Will It Cost You in 2024?– Google Cloud provides high-end cloud computing services that can serve your website at its best performance today. But how much will it cost you? Can you get cheaper rates from other top competitors like Amazon Web Services? The answer is not easy to find. Because, Google Cloud uses a very complicated pricing system, filled with different discount packages that can be bundled together and loaded with tons of premium add-ons, all billed in seconds.

in fact, Due to the complexity of the system alone, it’s common to accidentally overpay for Google Cloud.. So I decided to explain all this. I’ve tested and researched the pricing of all Google Cloud services, and compared them to their competitors. I understand that Google Cloud is actually quite affordable – but only if you’re careful and make the most of its various offers.. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

Google Cloud features and pricing at a glance

Complicated prices, but cheaper than average

Google Cloud offers better prices than its competitors, especially if you take advantage of its discount plans. As a cloud computing service, Google Cloud offers more than 100 products. For web hosting, Google Cloud Compute Engine virtual machines (VMs) are ideal.

You’ll be billed by the second, giving you the benefit of paying only for what you use.. However, if you don’t use this payment method it will definitely make things more confusing. Additionally, each virtual machine (VM) may be eligible for certain discounts.

For more purchases, you need to take a one- or three-year subscription. With this option you will get a huge discount for paying on demand (on demand), but we warn you in advance – you It is not possible Cancel your subscription. Related on demand This can be easily canceled at any time. Google Cloud accepts major credit or debit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and even checks. You can also sign up for a free trial of Google Cloud Services for 90 days for IDR 4,300,000. Remember that the Google Cloud platform is not suitable for beginners. Tech support is expensive, and you really need to know everything about how to run an unmanaged cloud.

Core shared virtual machines

Google Cloud shared-core VMs offer the lowest cost. With this cloud plan, you share CPU power with other customers. Although sometimes the results may not be enough to support the performance, they may have economic value. Make no mistake – performance is very strong compared to similar virtual servers from many other hosts, but limited resources mean this plan is best for smaller projects.

During the free trial, Google Cloud has many additional features

In particular, e2-Micro is available completely free of charge. As part of the Google Cloud free tier. This is because Google Cloud offers free e2-micro usage equal to the total hours in that month – meaning that if you only run one plan, you It will never happen It is necessary to pay. With many options, you can exceed this limit, so be careful. If you get a lot of traffic, you’ll only get 1GB of RAM, which may not be enough to run a content management system (CMS) like WordPress. Plus, you only get 0.25 vCPU cores to work with. While you can periodically upgrade to 2vCPU for free, this is not guaranteed and will only last for a short period of time.

Also included in the free tier is a 30GB fixed HDD disk, 5GB of data storage and 1GB of free off-grid storage. (Foreign traffic) to all regions except China and Australia. While I don’t recommend setting a critical mission on this plan, it can work for a project prototype, a static site, or a WordPress blog until it starts generating traffic.

The addition of shared-core VMs from Google Cloud is short-lived but significant.

If you’re hoping to run a WordPress-based site, I recommend at least the e2-miniature plan. Priced at IDR 176,000 per month, this package offers 2GB of RAM and 0.5vCPU cores without customization. This should help you run basic CMS sites that sometimes get heavy traffic.

Although the above prices are not bad, you can lower the price even more by signing up to use these resources for one or three years. A three-year subscription gives you a discount of more than 50%, with no additional fees – As usual, you can pay only every month. Google Cloud’s Shared Core Engine offers a stronger performance base CPU than similarly priced Amazon Lightsail plans, though the price tag is cheaper if you subscribe. However,

Camaterra offers packages that can be added to the same price on demand without having to share CPU power. If you want to meet traffic, you’re guaranteed to have those resources.

e2-Medium offers a shared-core package with better performance than Google Cloud

The e2-Medium plan offers 4GB of RAM and one CPU core. It offers more flexibility, but you have to pay – e2-medium costs twice as much as the previous plan. In addition to increasing wealth The e2-medium can be boosted to 100% CPU in a total of 120 seconds, which is twice as long as the e2-small.. This may not seem like much, but note that this only applies to 100% CPU usage – tuning on demand can take longer, requiring less CPU usage. Still, this server offers excellent value. Even if you don’t get high-end performance on a shared-core VM, guaranteed CPU cores can be a big help. Many of Google Cloud’s competitors don’t offer a comparable set of resources at this price point.

Are shared-core virtual machines right for you?

Shared premium plans are best for basic, low-traffic websites or apps – if that’s all you need to host, you can save a lot of money. If you’re hoping to create a static HTML site, or perhaps a very simple WordPress blog, you can use e2-micro for free. However, I recommend e2-bitEspecially if you want to use CMS. It’s well priced compared to its competitors, and offers enough resources to establish a new site. However, if you expect consistently high volumes and traffic, you may want the resources provided by Google Cloud’s versatile VMs.

A versatile virtual machine

The Google Cloud Multipurpose VM offers dedicated vCPU cores – You don’t need to share with other people. This type of VM provides more reliable performance than a shared-core package, and is easier to customize than a shared-core package. Limited CPU power allows you to use Google Cloud’s high-end infrastructure.

Google Cloud offers predefined VMs and the ability to create your own

Google Cloud’s cheapest general-purpose VM offers 2 VCPU cores and 8GB of RAM for ID 704,000 per month. Although it’s the most affordable option, this plan still provides more than enough resources to run multiple sites or applications with high volumes of traffic. As with common-core plans, you can lower the price with a one- or three-year subscription. In addition, this plan is very easy to customize – You can freely increase or decrease resources regardless of anything else.

If you only need an additional 4 GB of RAM, you can easily add it without changing the overall package size. This server is out of the budget price range, but Google Cloud still has many advantages over competing similar products.

The Google Cloud e2 plan can be customized into a remarkable barometer.

With e2-standard-4, you can use 4 vCPU cores and 16GB of RAM, which require you to pay twice the price of the previous configuration. This package should be able to handle many high traffic areas without breaking a sweat. Since this is a virtual server package, you can’t choose which processor you get, but it can be one of the Intel (Skylak, Haswell, or Broadwell) or AMD EPYC Rome processor types. Although Camatera offers superior Cascade Lake processors, it tends to cost more for the e2 line than Google Cloud. all in all, e2-standard-4 manages to find the right balance between value and computing power.

The Google Cloud n2 plan is perfect for heavy traffic loads.

If you want to serve enterprise-level traffic, I recommend looking at the packages in the n2 line. n2-standard-8 is a good place to start, with a massive 8 vCPU and 32GB of RAM. Although you can get the same data source limits with the e2 plan, The n2 line offers Cascade Lake processors for better performance for each CPU core. However, you need to achieve 100% usage every month to get the best value from n2 line. This plan is eligible for continuous usage discount – the more usage per month, the better the discount. With 100% usage, you get…

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