Get to know some the types of Domains that need to be known
Get to know some the types of Domains that need to be known

Get to know some the types of Domains that need to be known

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Get to know some the types of Domains that need to be known is the most important thing when you want to access information on the internet. For example, you want to open the Google website, you will definitely write in the browser tab. So what you write is what is said to be a domain.

Like when you are going to visit a house, of course you need the address. So, even with websites, without a domain, you won’t be able to visit the web page.

If you intend to build a website, you certainly need to know what a domain is and its types. For that, let’s look at the reviews about the domain below!

What Are Domains?

Domain is an address that can open your access when you want to visit the website. The domain name system consists of two domain names as well as a domain extension.

If you are going to open a website, then you can register a domain name and extension with a domain provider.

Domains Function

Each computer has an IP address which is a numeric label in the form of a combination of numbers and a dot as a separator, for example It aims to identify the computer.

But of course most internet users will feel uncomfortable because they have to remember these numbers. Well, this is the function of the domain. Instead of remembering and typing in IP numbers which are quite complicated, users can simply type the domain name into the search field on the search engine to access the intended site page.

In addition, there is no chance of wrong address as long as you enter the correct information. This is because the domain is unique, so no one can register a domain that has been registered by someone else.

Domain Types

Domains are divided into three types, including:

Top Level Domains
Second Level Domains
Third Level Domains

TLD – Top Level Domain

  1. TLD – Top Level Domain
    Top Level Domain is a domain extension that is located at the back of a domain. TLDs that are often used are .com, .id, and .gov.

For example, So the TLD is .com.

Apart from that, TLD is also used as a marker for the type of website, the country of origin of the website, and so on.

You can choose a TLD extension that matches the identity of your website. Not only for branding purposes, but it is important to improve SEO optimization.

SLD – Second Level Domain

  1. SLD – Second Level Domain
    Second Level Domain is the unique name that you registered when purchasing the domain for your website. SLD is also better known as the name of the website.

Its position is located in the section before the TLD. For example, the domain, so the SLD is google.

You are also free to choose the SLD name as long as the combination with the TLD has not been registered in the name of another person or website. Because if it’s already registered, of course you can’t use it and have to find another alternative name.

Third Level Domains or Subdomains

  1. Third Level Domains or Subdomains
    For the third type of domain, namely the Third Level Domain or Subdomain, which is located at the very front of the URL.

Surely you know, the most common Third Level Domain is www, for example,, and so on.

Well, that’s an explanation of the Domain, both its meaning, function and type. Broadly speaking, you certainly understand enough, right? Domains are website addresses/URLs that visitors can access without the need to know the IP address first.

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