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Get Free Hosting and Domains 2023 Forever course, there are many hosting service providers and free domains in Indonesia. If you search for “free domain” on Google, there are many companies that offer these services.

But I think Host Indonesia is still the most popular and most frequently visited nicknamed place. Best free web hosting In Indonesia.

Indhostinger is a free web hosting service that offers 2GB of disk space, 100GB of bandwidth, MySQL and PHP.Without banners or ads, the site builder supports automatic installation of jomlaa, wordpress and more.

Get Hosting and Domainnya here

About the host Indonesia

Host Indonesia, in addition to offering free hosting, also offers free domains, several free domains at Hostinger include:,,,,,,,,,,dan hol.s.

Apart from the free domain, Hostinger is complete with paid domains like com, org, net etc. Having your own domain makes your website more professional and attractive.

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Hostinger offers affiliate services, a program to invite other people to sign up through a referral link provided by Hostinger Indonesia.

So the system tells everyone about Host Indonesia and you have to provide a referral link. If someone you invite clicks on your referral and continues to register with Hostinger Indonesia, that person will automatically become your referral.

Once you have a sufficient number of earning referrals, you can exchange them for gifts from hosts like cash and more.

How to host on Indostinger

First step

  1. On the home page, click “from now on”
  2. Next select the free time”60 months”
  3. Click on “log on”The one on the top right
  4. Please login using Google Plus or Facebook account
  5. Sign in using a Google Plus account, for example. Click “Allow(For those who don’t know how to create a Google Gmail account with Google Plus, you can read the guide. How to create emails in Gmail .
  6. When finished, a notification will appear showing that you have successfully signed up with your Google account. Next, click on the Google logo to log in to your hosting account.

Step two

  1. Click “Order”In the free Rp.0.00 column
  2. Click Continuelog on”
  3. Select “check out”
  4. Tick “I agree” and click next to.

A notification will appear.”HappyThey are about to finish! Please prepare your order to be able to use it.

Step three

At this point, my friend does Hosting and domain setup.

  1. Click on “preparation”
  2. Click “” in the Host Command Settings section.sub domainHe said.
  3. Please friend, write the domain name and select the subdomain. example –

Domain Type: Free Subdomain

Subdomain name:

  1. Next, select the server location and then click preparation.

A notification will appear, for example: “ has been activated successfully”.

In step three you have successfully created and hosted a free domain. Please proceed to step four to create a website/blog.

Fourth level

Then all you have to do is create a website/blog using this free domain and hosting Manage On your hosting account.

  1. Click on WordPress, in the “Type menu name” column.
  2. Click Auto-Install on the website menu.
  3. Scroll down to find a friend and then click “.WordPressHe said.
  4. Fill in the title of the website and the invoice, and then Install.
  5. There will be a notification saying “Application installation process is complete”. Now your website at WP CMS Already built, for example

If you want to login to your friend’s WordPress blog, click hereDetails” to view the login URL or link.

Advantages and disadvantages of free hosting

Benefits of free hosting

  1. Free maintenance fee

Free hosting like Blogger and WordPress is less prone to problems such as hackers damaging your website/blog.

However, for paid hosting, you have to do regular maintenance for website/blogging professionals to find attacks and vulnerabilities, and of course it requires additional expenses.

  1. Definitely free

Since the hosting is free, you really don’t need to rent a hosting tent and it’s free of funding forever, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance and monthly hosting fees.

  1. Fast loading

For users of free hosting like WordPress and Blogspot, it will open the landing page faster, even if there are many visitors at a time, whereas paid hosting with less bandwidth will slow down the website/blog speed when there are more visitors. at once.

  1. More reliable
  • Working hours

WordPress or Blogger servers rarely go down, so WordPress and Blogger platforms can always be accessed without much load when you have many visitors at once.

  • spacing and bandwidth

It has a huge file space that can be downloaded to a website/blog within a month which is provided with free hosting as a blogger sub-hosting.

  • Fast loading

As explained above, by using free hosting, your website will load faster when you open website pages even if there are many visitors at the same time.

Disadvantages/disadvantages of free hosting

  1. Strict hosting service

Using free hosting, friends, don’t fight for privacy, just like hosting on blogger, many accounts are banned or deleted by bloggers, so you have to follow the relevant rules exactly.

  1. Limited facilities

Organizations are still on paid hosting, because paid hosting has a large space and bandwidth, so it’s clear that sending files/data is unlimited, unlike free hosting where space and bandwidth are limited.

Dealing with article recommendations

That’s Free Domain and Hosting Forever. It can help my friend create a free domain and hosting that he can enjoy forever.

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