Functions and 5 types of web hosting that you need to know

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Functions and 5 types of web hosting that you need to know the previous article, we discussed domains. What is a domain? Also uses. So now we will talk about hosting. What is hosting and what are its functions? Why do you need hosting when building a website? And many other questions. For some people, you may still be unfamiliar with this term, as it is a bit technical. But for some other people who are used to the world of the Internet, blogs and websites are very familiar because hosting has a very important role.

so what is web hosting?

Hosting is a place or place to store all information like articles, images, audio, video, games and so on which can be accessed on the internet. Or yesterday, it would be easier if the domain was likened to a home address, the home is called a website, and hosting is the land on which the home is built. Well, now, do you understand?

Also, if you already know what hosting is, you should know what are the terms in hosting? So if you want to buy a hosting service later, make yourself familiar with new languages.

Disk capacity (quota)

So if we know the term hard disk (Storage Area) on the computer, it means that the computer has a data storage limit. Like hosting, you can choose the data capacity of the hosting according to the amount you need for the website. If you need more capacity, you can use unlimited disk space, but if you don’t need more disk space, you can choose less capacity according to your website’s needs.


Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transmitted in a given amount of time. Or simply put, bandwidth is like a highway and the data passing through that bandwidth is like the vehicles passing by. A few vehicles passing through the highway, the traffic will be smooth, but if many vehicles pass, the traffic will be congested or stuck.

So if you are getting more and more visitors to your website, it is highly recommended to use unlimited bandwidth facilities so that later your website visitors will be comfortable to visit all the features on the website. Keep it simple because now there are many hosting service providers that offer unlimited bandwidth packages at very affordable prices.
Hosting function:

Hosting function as data storage

The primary function of hosting is to store all information from photos, articles, audio, video, applications, etc. All this information can be accessed by anyone through internet search. So let’s think of this hosting as a library; Everyone who needs a book comes to the library to get the book they want. Just to read or some even borrow and take home. Same with the hosting, everyone can access all the data uploaded to the hosting on the search site, just for reading and viewing, but if the information found is of value, it can also be downloaded.

Put the website online

Hosting has a very important function, so before choosing a hosting service, you should know in advance how the service provider is performing because with a good hosting service performance, it guarantees that your website will be online at all times regardless of the number of visitors. Choosing a website, especially hosting, for business websites, you should first make sure that the hosting service provider has a high uptime guarantee and don’t be tempted by cheap hosting prices. Because if one day your business website is flooded with visitors but suddenly becomes inaccessible, it will be a huge loss.

When you already have a website and connect to DNS but don’t have hosting, the website cannot be found on search sites. In order to access the website, the domain can communicate with the host and the host can store the information.
Types of WEB Hosting:

Before choosing a hosting package to buy, you should first know the types of hosting and their specifications so that you can choose based on the needs of your website.

and what kind of type of web hosting?

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is very affordable hosting but the usage is shared with other website owners. Although you have to share a server with other website owners, this shared hosting package has many fans. Usually the fans of this shared hosting package are beginner bloggers, small business websites, portfolio websites or other websites that don’t have many visitors.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a type of hosting that uses modern technology (can) rely on many servers distributed in different locations and countries to make the use fast, safe and stable, or if there is a problem with one server, then another server immediately replaces the role of the server that is experiencing problems, so the performance of the website It stays good. Although the cost of cloud hosting is more expensive than the cost of shared hosting, it depends on the facilities you get.

VPS hosting

VPS hosting is an abbreviation of Virtual Private System and it can be said that it is similar to shared hosting but private hosting has many advantages, apart from using a virtual machine, vps hosting does not need to be shared with other customers. This means that you can easily use it yourself and it is also suitable for websites that already have a large traffic.

Provided hosting

Dedicated Hosting is a hosting server that is used only for one website. Using this host server, you can configure the operating system and software you want to use as needed. It is suitable for growing companies with very high daily traffic.

Free hosting

You can get free hosting but the usage and services are very limited but you can still use the domain personally and buy it on the site. With one of them, you can get free hosting for Blogspot and WordPress.

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