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Posted on – 10 examples of the most popular cloud computing applications for 2021. Business opportunities for cloud-based data storage (Cloud computing) continues to increase today. Many companies are trying to exploit this cloud storage business opportunity. Of course, until now we’ve been using, for example, Google Drive, a free service from Google. You know that everyone needs online data storage that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Cloud computing applications include data storage, servers, databases, networks, and software over the Internet. With this cloud computing application it really helps us to access data storage systems online. It is enough to use an Android mobile or laptop connected to the Internet so we can open data stored in online storage.

There are many advantages of cloud-based applications that we know, other than hard disks or flash drives where we backup our important data. Besides useful cloud computing applications for streaming audio and video movies. Especially for friends who like to watch movies on Smart TV. You can watch as many movies as you want by connecting the movie data you have stored in the cloud-based storage on the Smart TV.

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Let me briefly explain how cloud computing works like server computers in every company today. The difference is that this cloud computing system is located outside of a data center connected to the Internet, allowing access to it. Within this data center is a platform for hosting ready-to-use virtual services. With the available virtual services, you can access almost anything on your subscription cloud computing application.

Here are some examples of free to paid cloud computing applications. There are many cloud computing applications that you can use, take a careful look below:

Social media

One of the most frequently used cloud computing applications is social media. Almost every day we upload pictures and videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and so on. This is a cloud-based computer system, because the data we upload is stored in the cloud.

Google Drive

The next cloud computing application is Google Drive, which is part of the Google giant’s G-suite.

With this cloud based application we can store anything friends free storage capacity of 15GB is enough to store our data like word files, excel, images, songs and so on.

If the free capacity is full then you can increase the storage space to 200GB by paying a certain amount per year. We can still upload and download files anytime as long as we are not connected to the internet.


Similar rights to Google Drive, this Dropbox functionality also stores our important data online. The free capacity that we can use is 10GB that we can use freely. You can also upgrade this cloud computing space if you really need it.


If you are currently a developer, programming websites, Android, Java, and so on, you should put the source code on GitHub. The github application is widely used by programmers to store or save their valuable source code.

Mega cloud

This app is not much different from Dropbox as a cloud-based storage. If you don’t have a flash drive here, you get 50GB of free space to store important files. The proprietary features are also fully complete, there is a link to share and a key to unlock the link.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Less important cloud computing applications are such as Adobe Creative Cloud. When using some software from Adobe, such as Adobe Photoshop. There are features to store fonts, brushes, etc. through cloud computing. Of course, this is very useful when we install Adobe on another laptop.

If Adobe Photoshop is installed, features stored online are automatically installed in the new Adobe Photoshop. So it saves us a lot of time at work, because there is no need to set some Adobe Photoshop features manually.

Office 365

The Office 365 application is a cloud computing version of a service product from Microsoft. The purpose of creating Office 365 is to make it easier for users to work in the office or at home. Many interesting features in Office 365 applications such as OneDrive, Outlook, and of course Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint can save data to OneDrive.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) A secure cloud service provider, AWS provides computing power, database storage space based on a “content delivery network” and functions that help other businesses develop and run programs efficiently. It is expected to help with a variety of features. People – who need online storage.

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud as a pioneering cloud computing innovation technology, for all business sectors, including e-commerce, financial technology (fintech) and the media industry in Indonesia. Alibaba Cloud’s vision is to enable and help businesses in Indonesia continue to grow using new business resources and digital technology.

Indonesian clouds

One of the most trusted, reliable and secure cloud computing service providers. By implementing independently proven best technology, selecting some of the best people and deploying a cloud base in a high security data center in Indonesia. There are also a lot of features offered by Indonesia Cloud, you can check it yourself through the website.
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Those were some examples of the most popular cloud computing applications for 2021. Which ones have you used so far? It is not really practical and easy to use. We hope that the article within the scope can provide the information you are looking for so far. We hope it’s helpful keituber.

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