Best Type of Hosting for Bloggers 2023

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Best Type of Hosting for Bloggers 2023 web hosting services should not be random. There are many types of web hosting itself, so you should consider the right type of hosting. At this time hosting is widely used for online business. Most online businesses use this type of website hosting even though it is cheap and free. It’s okay to choose low-cost hosting, but consider the benefits of the host first.

Hosting is very strict with the web server. The function of the web server is to store all the data on your website to keep it secure. With increasing sophistication, it also affects web servers. If you want the best server, look at the type of hosting. The more advanced type of hosting is usually chosen, the better the web server is guaranteed to be.

The best type of web hosting service for bloggers

Are you interested in knowing about the types of web hosting? It is definitely of interest, because knowing the type of hosting will increase your understanding of it. Knowing the other benefits of hosting can even be used as a consideration for purchasing hosting. Following are the best types of hosting that can be used for your website.

Cloud Hosting

The latest technology has created the best type of hosting, its name is cloud hosting. Nowadays, cloud hosting is provided for many web hosting services, so you can choose cloud hosting to use on your website.
Cloud Hosting Using cloud computing technology is the preferred type of hosting. It has better storage processing speed and better security.

There are many servers used to store documents, all servers are distributed to different places in the world. The advantage of having multiple servers is that if one server is down, you can still use other servers.

Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a platform that is often used in website creation. This platform is very popular and many companies have used WordPress by adding WooCommerce features. One of the best web hosting can be used with managed WordPress hosting. This type of hosting is especially used on websites that use the WordPress platform.

The advantages that you can get when using managed WordPress hosting are that you can make automatic updates, data backups can be done daily or weekly, the security is very good, there is special support from experts, the server is well configured and more. Others.

larger type of hosting

Shared hosting

A commonly used type of web hosting service is shared hosting. This type can handle multiple sites to share a large master server. Shared hosting is the cheapest web hosting service, so bloggers can use it if they have little money to create a website.

Shared hosting is ideal for use on small business websites, portfolio websites, and blogs. The benefit of using shared hosting is that you pay only once but cover many other websites. In addition to its advantages, shared hosting has a weakness, which is that your website is at the mercy of other websites on the main server. Other popular websites will influence your website, which means your website may not be as popular as other websites.

VPS hosting servers

VPS hosting or virtual private server hosting designation. The concept offered by VPS hosting is very different, because private server hosting offers the complexity of virtual machines that can be included in web hosting. The users of VPS hosting are very satisfied because they can enjoy a very stable hosting environment compared to other hosting.

Provided hosting

Dedicated hosting is created for one customer only, so it cannot be used for multiple websites. Only one website will be on a given hosting. Usually, the best website platform that can be used for dedicated hosting is WordPress. Using dedicated hosting on WordPress has been proven to increase website traffic.

As we already know, dedicated hosting is very specific to a website, so this type of hosting is most appropriate for large company websites. Using dedicated hosting gives you complete control over the server to make the website work better and easier for visitors. This type of hosting is very professional, so the price is very expensive. There are also additional fees that you have to pay. You have to pay for a software package to run a hosting server, windows and more.

Reseller web hosting

The next type of hosting is reseller web hosting. Actually, reseller hosting is the same as shared hosting, however, you can use it. This means that this hosting can resell hosting space to your customers. In this type of hosting, there are additional facilities like private servers, free websites, white label technical support and more.
Usually, this seller’s package costs more, because the benefits are so good that anyone is willing to pay a higher price. This hosting costs from $15 to $50. Prices are charged according to the desired web hosting features.

You can see an explanation of the complete web hosting type above. Try if you understand the type of web hosting. Both advantages and disadvantages of each hosting. This will really help you if you buy web hosting services later on. Of course, you can choose the best type of hosting for your personal website. IDCloudhost is one of the best choice providers for your blog web hosting, this is because IDCloudhost is also one of the best and most reliable Indonesian web hosting.

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