be careful pirate hosting makes the Website not optimal

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be careful Pirate hosting makes the Website not optimal great website will cause a lot of disruption to the business, including a lot of time spent on maintenance, which will ultimately disappoint customers.
Online businesses, big or small, can suffer if their website isn’t working optimally. So, having a good website is no longer an option, but a must.
Despite their desire to provide the best, few business owners are not tempted by low-cost web hosting services. However, these cheap hosting services usually lack supporting features.
As experienced by Hotama, a web agency that caters to many business clients. Hotema experienced a technical problem with a cheap hosting provider.
“Server maintenance is very frequent, query timeouts occur frequently, not to mention extremely slow loading,” Hotama CEO Hajon Mahdi Mahmuddin said. Although, as a web agency, Hotama has to deal with many clients with different needs.

makes the Website not optimal

Dealing with member-to-member is the risk of choosing the wrong one

Error selecting hosting service is also encountered in SIT Al Fatih e-learning website. Initially, their e-learning website was performing well. However, when the website is accessed by 150 people at once, the website speed immediately experiences an unnaturally severe drop.
Not only the speed problem but the SIT Al Fatih e-learning website also faced hacker attacks. Cyber ​​attacks are dangerous and web hosting services should have good security features for the convenience of users.
“Because we chose the wrong hosting, we not only faced speed and security problems, but also some data was corrupted and unusable. Therefore, the learning process was disrupted,” said SIT Al Fatih’s Public Relations Mohammad Siyahri.

Bandwidth and storage alone are not enough.

Nowadays, bandwidth and storage are not enough to consider when deciding which web hosting service to use. Equally important factors such as server reliability, uptime, speed and security are also factors to consider.
As reported by the Nyagahoster blog, website speed and security are the main factors in determining a website’s ranking for Google. Google downgrades websites with slow access and will not hesitate to block or allow users to visit websites it deems safe.
It is also common for some web site owners to seek customer service assistance from the hosting service they use because their knowledge is limited. Unfortunately, not all web hosting companies can provide quality service.
As a web hosting service company in Indonesia, Nyagahoster also strives to meet customer needs by prioritizing server reliability, uptime of up to 99.99%, website speed and security for various needs, as well as customer success agents 24/7.
Accuracy is required in selecting a web hosting service to provide the best customer experience. A data center and even a business website for marketing and interacting with customers should be able to create a sense of security and comfort. So visitors don’t hesitate to come back again.

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