9 Best WordPress Hosting 2023
9 Best WordPress Hosting 2023

9 Best WordPress Hosting 2023

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9 Best WordPress Hosting 2023

reseprakyat.comWordPress is the most widely used CMS for creating websites or blogs. Nearly a third of websites created with CMS, use wordpress.

Because of this, many special hosting provides wordpress hosting. This type of hosting is specifically optimized to support the WordPress CMS.

Well, in this article you can see recommendations for wordpress hosting that you can choose from.

Best WordPress Hosting List

  1. NiagaHoster
  2. IDcloudhost
  3. Hawkhost
  4. Domainesia
  5. Jetorbit
  6. Bluehost
  7. Dewaweb
  8. Fastcomet
  9. IDwebhost


  1. NiagaHoster
    For those of you targeting web visitors from Indonesia, NiagaHoster has a data center in Jakarta. They guarantee data security with tier 4 security standards. They guarantee the data security of their customers so that the selection of data center locations is also classified as safe from disasters. Apart from Jakarta, Niaga Hoster also has a data center in Singapore.

Niaga Hoster’s web hosting service has a variety of packages to choose from. For websites targeting Indonesian residents, the IIX server will be suitable. For customers who are interested in building large websites, they can choose the Cloud Hosting package. It only costs 150 thousand rupiahs per month and customers will get 2 cores, 3 GB of RAM and 20 GB of storage space.

As for the VPS hosting service, Niaga Hoster provides services with the support of Cloud flare servers from Singapore, US and UK. VPS services can be obtained at prices starting at 105 thousand per month. With this price, customers will get 1 GB of RAM and 1000 GB of bandwidth. The advantages of Niaga hoster are low costs and fast quality.

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  1. IDcloudhost
    The Idcloudhost provider provides SSD cloud-based hosting. With SSD base support, hosting services run faster. This is also supported by data center locations spread across 3 countries, namely England, Indonesia and Singapore. Users can choose a data center by adjusting WordPress needs so that it can function more optimally.

Hosting Idcloudhost provides a choice of Plesk Cloud services. This service is a hosting option that provides double the security guarantee compared to other hosting. If you need security as a website priority, then you can choose this package and subscribe for IDR 30,000 per month for 512 MB of memory and 2 GB SSD.

A fairly affordable package from Idcloudhost is a promo package of 15 thousand rupiahs per month. Customers will get 1GB of storage and 512MB of RAM and unlimited bandwidth. For the VPS package, the cheapest package is provided for IDR 100,000 per month to get 30 GB SSD, 1 GB RAM, unlimited bandwidth and 2 CPU cores.

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  1. Hawkhost
    Hawkhost will be suitable for website developers who target visitors from abroad. The Hawkhost data center does support international visitor targets, namely in Toronto, Singapore, New York, LA, Dallas, Hong Kong and Amsterdam. Data security has also been automatically tested because it is protected with Tier 4 and Tier 3 protection technology.

Hawkhost provides VPS hosting packages that use SSD RAID 10. This technology supports guaranteed website speed to be accessed. To subscribe to a VPN package, Hawkhost provides the cheapest package for 18 USD per month. This package includes 30 GB of storage, 1500 GB of bandwidth and 1 GB of RAM so that it is enough to support your website.

Cloud server services for data storage in Singapore, New York and Dallas can be selected with a package costing 5 USD per month. This package provides 20000 MB space, 1 CPU core, 1 TB bandwidth, 1 GB Ram and root rule access. The cheapest hosting service from Hawkhost can also be used starting from 3 USD per month.

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  1. Domainesia
    Domainesia has data centers in Indonesia, London, Tokyo, Singapore to Dallas. The servers provided are not only in Indonesia because Domainesia has customers with quite diverse market needs. In Indonesia, data security has been secured with tier 3 standards which are safer from tampering than tier 4.

For the hosting offered, Domainesia has a bandwidth of up to 1 gbps. SSH supports to be able to develop your WordPress. The cheapest package provided by Domainesia for hosting is 2GB of space and unlimited bandwidth for IDR 32,000 per month. The features provided cover almost all existing WordPress features.

For SSD VPS, the cheapest package from Domainesia is IDR 100,000 per month. With this package, customers get 512 MB RAM, 1 core and speeds up to 100 mbps. Cheap monthly hosting packages are also available. With a price of only 16 thousand rupiah, users get 750 MB of space, unlimited email and bandwidth.

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  1. Jetorbit
    Maybe you are still unfamiliar with the name of the Jetorbit provider. Jetorbit provides hosting services that are quite capable, especially for web owners who require high traffic. Superior service quality is enough to make Jetorbit able to compete with other providers. For data centers, Jetorbit has locations in Indonesia and in Los Angeles, USA.

For those of you WordPress web developers who have large traffic needs and high resource targets, it is recommended to use Jetorbit. The price offered for the cheapest package is IDR 50,000 per month. With this price, you can get a 5GB SSD, 2 core CPU and 1GB of RAM.

Jetorbit is suitable for business websites or web portals. For online stores, Jetorbit is also suitable for use. The cheapest business hosting package costs IDR 25,000 per month. You will get a 3GB SSD and unlimited bandwidth. If you only need a personal website, then it only costs 10 thousand per month to subscribe to hosting.

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  1. Bluehost
    Bluehost is a hosting company based in the USA and has data servers in Brazil, India, Hong Kong and the USA. If you are targeting market visitors from these countries, you can choose Bluehost as website hosting. For the cheapest hosting, you can get it for 4 USD and get 50 GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth.

Especially for WordPress websites, customers can subscribe starting from a package of 20 USD per month. This WordPress package offers WP Pro including SEO and marketing center all in one. Customers also get 100 premium themes, domain protection and daily data backups.

Bluehost also has VPS hosting services. Compared to other servers, the RAM and CPU used are relatively larger. The VPS package costs 20 USD per month to get 30 GB of space, 2 GB of RAM and 1 TB of bandwidth. This package is suitable for those of you who develop websites with optimal needs.

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  1. Dewaweb
    Dewaweb has the advantage of having a large selection of data centers spread across various countries and continents. For Asia, data servers are located in Indonesia, China and Singapore. For the European continent, data servers are in England, the Netherlands and Germany. As for the Americas, data servers are in Toronto, Chocago, Dallas and LA.

VPS Cloud hosting from Dewaweb with KVM technology and SSD Server with Ipv6 support. Dewaweb provides options for Windows and Linux. The cheapest package for SSD Linux is 300 thousand rupiah and you get 1 GB of RAM, 1 core and 20 GB of storage. For a Windows SSD, the cheapest price is 650 thousand rupiah with an Intel E5 1 core.

Dewaweb also provides corporate hosting packages. Suitable for web with advanced store and corporate needs. The cheapest subscription fee for this package is 250 thousand rupiah per month and customers get 2 GB of RAM, 2 core CPU and 15 GB of storage. Smaller packages for beginners are also available starting from 20 thousand rupiah per month.

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  1. Fastcomet
    Fastcomet data centers are located in various countries and can be chosen by customers. Data centers are located in Singapore, London, Frankfurt, Dallas, Chicago, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Toronto and New York. You can choose this data center and adjust it to the target website visitors. For hosting services, Fastcomet provides a choice of dedicated servers and VPS Cloud.

Cloud VPS can be used if you need a business website with large storage and high enough traffic. Cloud VPS packages can be obtained with prices starting from 60 USD per month. For the cheapest package, you can get 50 GB of space, 2 TB of bandwidth, 2000 Mbps access speed and 2 GB of RAM.

As for Dedicated server hosting, the service is supported by AMD EPYC 7501. This technology allows websites to be more stable and more consistent. For the cheapest dedicated server package, it can start at 139 USD per month. The facilities obtained are 4 GB RAM, 4 TB bandwidth, 80 GB space and 2 cores.


  1. IDwebhost
    Idwebhost data center is available in Indonesia only. This was deliberately made by IDwebhost because it was targeting website services for the Indonesian market. So that IDwebhost will focus more on developing fast and stable services. With the support of various technologies used, this data center in Indonesia supports hosting speed and stability.

It is admitted that IDwebhost’s hosting speed is a supermaximum speed. Reaching 50 times faster than regular websites, unlimited hosting is one of IDwebhost’s top packages. This is because IDwebhost is supported by premium lite speed. Website security is also quite good with cloud facilities. The cheapest package can be obtained from 20 thousand per month.

IDwebhost also has an interesting WordPress hosting service. Customers can get a variety of premium WordPress templates by subscribing to the available packages. The cheapest package for WordPress hosting starts from 20 thousand rupiah per month. By subscribing to this package, you will get 50 premium templates, free SSL and unlimited bandwidth and space.

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