7 Recommendations for the Best & Most Trusted Places to Buy Domains 2023
7 Recommendations for the Best & Most Trusted Places to Buy Domains 2023

7 Recommendations for the Best & Most Trusted Places to Buy Domains 2023

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7 Recommendations for the Best & Most Trusted Places to Buy Domains 2023

reseprakyat.com-And there are many of them. Where to buy domains Available on Google. For this reason, you should be careful and choose a really reliable registrar. You don’t need to buy a domain through a hosting provider, you can. Buy a domain without hosting.

Besides being cheap, custom domain providers offer many discounts. So, anywhere Where to buy domains Too cheap? Don’t go anywhere, the Tonjo team has rounded up 10 tips for the best places to buy domains in 2023.

A list of the best and most trusted places to buy domains

If you want to display a unique website name, Free domain It is not the right choice. Therefore, many website owners have started switching using popular domain extensions and custom domains.

Although it is very profitable for a website, buying a domain is also not expensive, you know. There are so many registrars that offer domains at a friendly price, but with good quality. Like many of the domain providers we’ll discuss below.


Dominica It is a domain registrar. The best of Indonesia Lasted for 11 years. In addition to domains, Domainesia also offers quality hosting with support at around 1.1.40/second.

The domain services available on this site are complete and cheap. There are hundreds of extensions to choose from depending on your needs and budget. There are also popular extensions .com, .net, .store, .online, .id, .co.id With Domaine, you can even buy domains. From 11 thousand per year.

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do you want Buy domain and hosting In the same place at the same time? Nyagahoster is the best choice. As part of the hosting team, NiagaraHoster is the place to be. Buy a trusted domain and hosting In Indonesia.

The name may be familiar to you. Yes, Nyagahoster is very popular among developers. Thousands of customers trust its reputation as the best domain and hosting provider in the country. Nyagahoster is also registered and accredited by the official ICANN institution.

Niagahoster offers a variety of domain choices for all needs. You can also find national, international and popular domains. Domain prices are very affordable ie 15 thousand per year.

In addition to being comprehensive and inexpensive, this company also excels in 24-hour support. Nyagahoster gives you full control over the domains you purchase. This rarely happens and is definitely to your advantage.

Cheap name

A trusted place to buy domains The next name is cheap. Namecheap is a global overseas domain provider with >2 million users. So don’t be surprised when you buy here using dollars instead of rupees.

But finding domains on Namecheap at affordable prices is not difficult. Cheaper domains are available. For 1 – 15 dollars or 15 thousand – 75 thousand. This price is valid for the first year only, the regular fee will be charged for the next year.

The advantage of Namecheap is that it offers a wide variety of domains. Whatever extensions you need, they are all here. Starting with general, international, and even special extensions. Not only that, Namecheap also offers convenience in managing domains.


DewaWeb is one of the best domain and web hosting providers in Indonesia. Despite being a newcomer, Dewaweb is very popular. great 32,000 web users Trust various digital products on this site.

The domains available on this site are very complete and varied. You can choose a generic extension domain, a top-level domain, and a premium domain of 2-4 characters.

You can get service. Cheap domains 2021 On Dewaweb Starting price 50 thousand Within 1 year.


Recommended places to buy domains Next is Namesilo. Namesilo. International domain provider International standard and high quality. Go to a reputable domain provider with active domain users > 3 million.

At Namesilo, there are millions of domain names and over 400 extensions for you to choose from.

In addition to domains, Namesilo offers other digital product services such as SSL, email and hosting.

Namesilo offers strong security with an anti-spam filtering feature on their domains. Not only this, this registrar provides 24 hour customer service support.

Although they are world-class, the domain prices offered are affordable. Namely Starting from $0.99 or around 10 thousand. Namesilo often carries promotions and discounts for purchasing various products.

More interestingly, the site offers a translation feature in multiple languages ​​to make it easier for you to find and buy products on Namesilo.

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Looking for an ICANN registered and accredited domain registrar? IDWebhost is one of them. This digital service provider site has experience. From 2014 And they already have More than 100 thousand customers.

In addition to being trusted, IDWebhost offers complete domain services The cheapest. There are hundreds of domain extensions that you can choose from and you can get them at reasonable prices.

You can buy a regular domain. Starting price from 14 thousand. After making a purchase, your domain is immediately active and can be used.

IDWebhost offers different features in every domain you buy. Some of its key features are theft protection, email forwarding, DNS security, domain secrets, etc.


The best place to buy domains and hosting Rumahweb is also registered with ICANN. RumahWeb is a pioneer hosting and domain provider. From 2002. This company is believed to reach many active domains 16,000 And hosting more than 30 servers in Indonesia.

In addition to ICANN, RumahWeb is also known as a PANDI provider, especially for extensions ID The latest news is that RumahWeb dominates the domain extension market by 60%.

Domain prices at RumahWeb are affordable and the selection of extensions available is very comprehensive. Domains available at prices 15 thousand per year. Meanwhile, to extend .com Price 125 thousand.

The features you will find on the domain are very profitable. There are domain management panel features, managed DNS, social media connectivity, DNSSEC support, etc.

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