7 Important Tips for Choosing the Right Web Hosting for Beginners

7 Important Tips for Choosing the Right Web Hosting for Beginners

Reseprakyat.com – 7 Tips for Choosing the Right Web Hosting for Beginners – With the development of digital technology in the Industrial Age 4.0, the importance of hosting will increase more and more. This motivates the fact that there are many hosting providers that offer attractive offers to customers.
Hosting can be equated to the home where the domain is addressed. There are, of course, many things to consider when deciding to buy a home. Price is just one thing to consider when choosing Indonesia web hosting.

7 Important Tips for Choosing the Right Web Hosting for Beginners

Hosting is different from domain, check the difference
Before we discuss more about how to choose a web domain, it is a good idea for novice users to first understand the difference between hosting and domain to avoid confusion. A website needs a domain and hosting to run. Web hosting is where all the information required by a website is stored. Photos, images, files and any important data are stored on this hosting.
Unlike hosting, a domain is a web address that can be purchased through a provider. Buyers can register cheap domains or even more expensive types depending on their needs. Like a site address, the domain has a unique name so that visitors can easily find their destination.
This is a requirement for good web hosting.
Before deciding to buy a house, of course, prospective buyers should know the criteria for their dream house. Also, when purchasing web hosting, consumers should know and understand what the standard of good hosting looks like. This will later affect the performance of the website significantly. So what’s a good idea to host?

speed or speed

First of all, potential customers should pay attention to the hosting speed offered by the provider. Slow loading speed or long loading time can cause people to leave the website they are visiting. This will actually be very harmful for the administrator as it will reduce the traffic of the website.

For consumer services

Customer service or support from web hosting service providers cannot be ignored because if the service is not good, it will be difficult for the users to find the problem. Live chat service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, email and telephone services are some types of support from the provider.

Security in hosting

Certainly, consumers do not expect the websites they develop to be exposed to malware or other potentially harmful threats. So make sure you buy hosting with the highest level of security. Having an SSL certificate, free daily backup using JetBack Up, HTTP/2 and IPv6 support are some of the features that ensure website security.

Quantitative ability

Knowing the quality of web hosting is also seen in the ability to boost the website. The current packages help developers to optimize their websites. The package and type of hosting chosen should also be tailored to your needs. The needs of a personal blog will be very different from a company or e-commerce website.
Beginners should know 7 tips for choosing web hosting to avoid making mistakes
For beginners, before deciding what kind of hosting to use, you should first understand the purpose of creating a website. If the web is to be used for personal web, there is really no need to choose Indonesia VPS hosting because it is more suitable for company websites, news portals and online shops.
The quality of hosting really affects the performance of the website. So make sure you rent quality hosting instead of checking for cheap prices, but the performance will hinder the website from growing. After knowing the criteria for good hosting, the next step is to know how to choose the right web hosting for beginners.

Find a security system
Security is a top priority when choosing hosting. Important data is stored here so you can’t choose hosting that hasn’t been tested for security. Hosting security is guaranteed with Imunify360 Sever Security, SSL-Certificate, Free Backup Daily JetBackup, BitDefender Antivirus & Firewall, LiteSpeed ​​​​​​Enterprise and Load Balancer, and HTTP/2 and IPv6 support.

Check the provided speed or speed
Web hosting speed is one of the most important factors in website performance. The higher the traffic on the website, the higher the hosting speed should be. This will not make visitors run away because it takes too long to wait for the loading process. The faster the installation process, the better the experience for those accessing it.

What are the access or bandwidth limits?
Bandwidth is the limitation of the host server to access the data. If the website has enough traffic, you should use high bandwidth or even unlimited hosting. For a business website, of course it is very harmful if the website suddenly experiences an error or goes down during high traffic.

Ask for information about the features in the database
The importance of database features varies depending on the use of the website. Large company websites require different web hosting features than personal blogs. Ask the supplier, as a consumer you will find any feature in the Hongding package and choose the one that suits your needs.

Choose a reputable and quality service provider
Before deciding to buy hosting, the service and reputation of the provider should be considered. Live chat 24/7 is now always hosted by professional hosting providers. If you have problems outside of work, this service will be very useful. For example, a consumer has questions about colocation server Indonesia and can easily get clarification from their customer service.

Prices according to budget and unlimited
Nowadays, many web hosting providers offer discounts at affordable prices, which make it possible for beginners to have a website. Opting for unlimited but still affordable hosting can be a good choice for beginners in the field of web developers. Even so, it’s still important to pay attention to the quality of hosting you want to buy.

There is a money back guarantee or not
Customer satisfaction is a top priority for quality supplier companies. One form of responsibility and satisfactory service is to provide a money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with the service provided. This also gives users a sense of security when deciding to purchase hosting.
After hosting, what to do?

Beginners who are just starting to build websites probably have this question. What’s the next step after getting web hosting? If you only have hosting, you need to buy a domain. Currently there are many cheap domain offers in Indonesia. Choose the one that suits your needs.
The website already has a domain and hosting so it can be used. Start filling the web using the required data. Users can log into cpanel web hosting or direct admin web hosting to manage the website. Both are the most frequently used control panels and have almost the same functionality.
Good web hosting criteria and ways to get hosting for beginners can be used as a reference when buying hosting. Make sure you get quality hosting at an affordable price to avoid disappointing website performance. If things are still unclear, contact the supplier. Congratulations on building a quality website.

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