7 Effect of Hosting for SEO in Google’s Eyes

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7 Effect of Hosting for SEO in Google’s Eyes

Reseprakyat.com – SEO is a business strategy to increase traffic. website. There are several receipts that are very influential when doing SEO techniques. One of them is the influence of the web hosting you use.

As time passes, there are several factors that influence SEO changes, which are dynamic in nature. There are several influencing factors for SEO changes, including:

7 Effect of Hosting for SEO in Google’s Eyes

The quality of content you provide on your website should be original and interesting.

The amount of content you upload should be large so that readers or visitors get more choices.

Determine the right keywords by doing research first.

User experience or the visitor experience of your website. This is often related to the impact of web hosting quality.

Make a mark Average page views Or the average number of visitors to your website pages.

Make a mark Jump size It is based on Google Analytics and the number of visitors hitting the back button. come back.

The ability to process Google’s index and store page data website you.

The algorithm changes from the Google search engine.

The effect of web hosting on SEO

As you already know, that web hosting has an impact on SEO. Here are 3 things related to web hosting and SEO:

  1. Speed

Speed ​​is one of the most important factors affecting your website’s SEO. Apart from implementing efficient code and compressed file performance, website speed level is also determined by the quality of web hosting.

Using a fast hosting service from a reliable company will give your website an impact. To compete with fake host competitors. Google also prioritizes websites with high speed, because they are easy to access.
Choosing hosting for SEO

  1. SEO awareness

Reviews related to SEO are very different for companies or individuals. Some Indonesian hosting providers do not understand much about SEO to optimize website performance. Therefore, it is very important to rent a host that supports SEO techniques.

  1. Security

Using a reliable hosting service can eliminate all the exploits from system errors or. Hackers. This hosting security feature has a significant impact on increasing your website’s SEO ranking.
Tips for choosing the right hosting

There are many things you need to prepare before buying or renting a host. Here are some tips for choosing the right hosting for your website:

Adjust the hosting details to the type website What you want to create. website Online store or website Personal. Requires small or large data storage capacity.

Think carefully about whether you need features Cache And SSH or not?

Make sure you consider it Resources It is available on hosting to avoid errors due to resource limitations.

Choose hosting with good support and security features.

Choose hosting that has detailed and clear specifications.

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