7 Best Free WordPress Hosting 2023

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7 Best Free WordPress Hosting 2023

reseprakyat.com-Want to know which free WordPress hosting to use? Hosting and domain are mandatory components in building a website.

You can pre-manage the website with these two components. Hosting itself varies in price depending on the specification or capacity of the storage space. The domain is usually bundled with the hosting purchase.

Then what about writers who want to have a blog but can’t afford the cost of buying hosting? Put simply, not all hosting is paid as there are still many hosting options available for free.
10 best and most popular free WordPress hosting

Free hosting is not really recommended for building websites with serious goals. However, if the website is only for learning or testing purposes, using free hosting is fine. So, here are some of the best and most popular free web hosting options:

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X10 handling

Free wordpress x10 hosting

Free WordPress Hosting from X10 Hosting is one of the oldest and most popular free web hosting providers among blog users. This free hosting provider has been around for over 10 years. Features or facilities offered by X10 Hosting free hosting include:

1 GB storage or storage

There are 2 additional domains, 1 static domain and 1 subdomain.

There are no ads

Available bandwidth is unlimited.

Email is available with 3 free accounts.

Website developers or designers can use up to 150 templates from cPanel.

The advantages of X10 Hosting’s free hosting is that member registration is fast with high performance. This can be seen with the latest versions of PHP, cPanel and MySQL. Apart from this, you can also enjoy unlimited storage and bandwidth and are supported by a community of up to 750 thousand members.

The disadvantage of hosting on this is that although it is known and very popular, it cannot guarantee stable working hours. So you can upgrade to paid hosting for around 60k per month to make it stable.


Freehostia WordPress hosting

Free WordPress hosting from Freehostia is worth adding to our list of recommended free hosting providers. FreeHosya itself claims and guarantees that the hosting’s loading speed can be up to 15 times faster than other traditional hosting. Then what about the features provided? The details are as follows among others.

250 MB storage or storage, very small

Domain 5 domain hosting available.

There are no ads

6 GB of bandwidth is available.

Email is available in 3 accounts.

Website developers or designers get free website templates with instant installers

The disadvantage is very obvious in the storage or very small storage capacity for the size of the website. The limited size will definitely limit your space for writing.


wordpress byethost free hosting

This free WordPress hosting provider is known to have a very stable and fast network compared to other free hosting providers. As it turns out, Byte Hosting’s secret is to add a few premium services to its free hosting version. Therefore, the free hosting provider ByetHosting is also very popular and widely used.

Apart from this, there is no doubt about the quality because ByetHosting is a branch of iFastNet with 10 years of experience. Following are the various features offered, including:

Storage or storage unlimited alias available.

Domains Unlimited additional domains, static domains and subdomains are also available

There are no ads

Available bandwidth is unlimited.

Email offers 5 free accounts

Website Builder or Designer is a WordPress Joomla auto installer with many free template options.

The defects seen in Byte Hosting are same as X10Hosting i.e. clock problem. This free hosting provider cannot guarantee 100% uptime. In addition, for self-support, you only get platform access for 24-hour clarification.

Free web hosting

Free Web Hosting Free WordPress hosting is another free web hosting option you can try. The features and specifications they offer are great and you can easily move or upgrade to the paid version. So, the feature details are as follows.

Storage or available storage is 1 GB.

The available domains are 3 subdomains.

Ads are free alias

5 GB of bandwidth is available.

There are 3 email accounts and a spam filter.

It also offers website builder or design templates, WordPress autoloaders and Joomla

The advantages of free web hosting providers compared to others can be seen in the excellent loading speed and server security. On the downside, they are not useful in creating a free domain. Therefore, you must first make a purchase or transfer the domain from the previous one.
Award location

how are you interested in trying these Hosting lines?

Rewardspace free WordPress web hosting provider had a hiatus and disappeared in time, but it made a comeback in 2013. The return of Rewardspace definitely brings a very attractive offer because they started offering free hosting. In this way, many try to use their service and are tempted to upgrade to the premium version.

The following are detailed descriptions of award space features, including:

Storage or available storage 1 GB

Domain 1 domain and 3 subdomains available.

The ads are free.

5 GB of bandwidth is available.

There is an e-mail 1 account and a spam filter.

Website builders or designers do not provide templates, only WordPress and Joomla installers are available.

The advantage of the award site is that many customers are satisfied with the services they provide. This experience is what a host provider wants to build an award space for. The downside is that it is very difficult to get direct support from a web hosting provider that prioritizes end users.


Another free WordPress web hosting provider that is popular or popular among blog users is 000Webhost. There is no need to doubt his experience in the host world, because he has been there for 10 years. Here are some of the features listed, including:

Storage or available storage 1 GB

Available domain 1 subdomain

There are no ads

10 GB of bandwidth is available.

E-mail 5 accounts available.

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