6 Best cPanel Hosting Providers: Our Top Picks for 2024
6 Best cPanel Hosting Providers: Our Top Picks for 2024

6 Best cPanel Hosting Providers: Our Top Picks for 2024

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6 Best cPanel Hosting Providers: Our Top Picks for 2024

reseprakyat.com– When users visit your website, they don’t know which host they’re using, how to manage files, or when to click a button to send emails. contact usI. But Behind the scenes, the right website management tools help build or outline the user experience. Choose Website coordinator (website/web host) which includes cPanel is a wise choice for anyone looking for comprehensive domain control, file management, email management, security and performance options. – and the freedom to customize settings with an easy-to-use interface.

Many hosting services offer cPanel to their customers – one of the most widely used hosting management interfaces on the web and supports multiple languages, including Indonesian. So popular, how do agents, businesses and web developers choose the right hosting provider? To save you time (and money!), the Website Planet team has researched and tested several cPanel hosts. We’ve found the ones that offer the best features, the most helpful customer support, and the best overall service For your online business or project.

Don’t have time? Here are the best cPanel websites in 2024.

  1. Interserver – Best prices for websites and unlimited storage on all plans. 2. InMotion Hosting – High speed and developer friendly additions. 3. A2 handling – WordPress friendly features, global data center and multilingual customer support.
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What we are looking for in the best cPanel websites

Our testing and research is focused on the features you want from cPanel hosting – active control without complex setup scripts. Here are some summaries:

One click installation via Softaculus. The software with cPanel extension is the fastest and easiest way to install WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and any other CMS of your choice with one click.

All our recommendations include Softaculous.

Email handling. cPanel allows easy management and configuration of email addresses, so why not use a host that provides email? An integrated email address and domain name will make your web identity appear more professional.

Fast customer support. cPanel is more complicated than some point-and-click server management UI. Efficient customer support helps with hard-to-find settings and features, giving you more time to focus on web content and products.

Reliability. 99.9% of business hours are standard, and your site users don’t want anything below that. All our recommendations promise at least 99.9% uptime through a combination of good hardware, security and redundancy.

Site backup. Backup is essential for stress-free website development. Choosing a host that offers regular backups is a smart move, and gives you more control over implementation. All of our recommended hosting offers a backup feature.

Interserver offers Apache, PHP, MySQL, Perl and many other applications through cPanel

Interserver offers some of the best options and features when it comes to cPanel hosting, and all at a great price range. Web developers, designers and agencies looking to start small and grow will benefit greatly here – Unlimited storage, websites and databases eg shared hosting plans at the entry level. For expert level cPanel users, InterServer offers easy maintenance of subdomains, domain extensions, domain parking and domain redirection. and, You can edit your DNS data directly. – For example, to add an SPF file to your email address. Never used cPanel? does not matter. Interserver has a demo of the cPanel interface that you can access from their website before purchasing directly, and the plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Many hosts offer standard drag-and-drop web builders as part of their packages, and this can be very useful for beginners. Interserver comes with SitePad which is unfortunately a very poor site builder. However, there is no need to worry, because You’ll have no problem installing WordPress, transferring an existing site, or uploading a site you’ve been working on from scratch..
Main characteristics

“Everything” is unlimited. Interserver’s standard web hosting plan allows unlimited website hosting, and includes unlimited email accounts, databases, storage, and data transfers so you can grow your business, blog network, or online community.

Good security, with independent accounts. InterShield Security takes a multi-faceted approach to protecting your website from all attacks from InterServer. Additionally, all accounts under cPanel are isolated for optimal privacy.

LiteSpeed ​​cache. If your site takes two seconds to load, your users will leave. LiteSpeed ​​web server software offers better WordPress-specific caching than standard Apache web servers, ensuring site loading as fast as possible for your visitors.

A US-based data center If your primary audience is from North America, Interserver can help you cover both coasts of the United States (East-West). The only downside to this is that your site will load slower for visitors outside the continent, that is, if you expect them to be available. So, this is something to consider if your main target audience is from Indonesia.

Read our InterServer expert review for more details.
UltraStack from InMotion Hosting for shared hosting configurations, from cPanel to browser

Of all the hosts on this list, InMotion Hosting offers the most advanced features and technology in terms of speed, caching, and compression.

All of InMotion Hosting’s entry-level plans come with NVMe SSD storage It provides faster reading and writing speed compared to Standard SSD. The packages offer a combination of UltraStack, NGINX proxy caching, Brothly compression, and custom optimizations. If you serve high-resolution image values, access large databases, or host user-generated content on your site, InMotion Hosting’s suite of advanced technologies is worth considering.

With cPanel you can monitor your hosting and modify all your hosting settings.. Softaculous is bundled with compelling tools like an installable CMS and eCommerce app. Remote secure access via SSH allows advanced users to edit and change site settings from the command line. To summarize its huge list of features: InMotion Hosting offers free SSL, malware and hacker protection, and DDoS protection. This hosting provider also offers automatic backups, but unfortunately, this facility costs extra unless you choose one of the premium WordPress plans.

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