5 ways to Choose the Right and Best Hosting Service

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5 ways to Choose the Right and Best Hosting Service

Reseprakyat.com – How do you choose the best hosting? For beginners or those looking to buy web hosting for the first time, it can be confusing to get your website up and running.

Here I want to share tips on how to choose the best web hosting, important features that you should have, should be considered for everyone who wants to buy web hosting.

5 ways to Choose the Right and Best Hosting Service

Most of the time, the host sellers will definitely explain the great features of the seller, but sometimes this can confuse you because there are many technical terms that you don’t understand.

However, before you look at what to look for when choosing the best hosting for you, please watch the video below on optimizing website speed with Litespeed.

Also, let’s have a brief definition of hosting and its types.

What is he dealing with?

Simply explained, it is a place where the people who own the website store all the data or content of your website and make it accessible through the internet network. You can store your website files on hosting like image files, videos and other files.

Types of hosting

There are 4 types of server hosting and you can choose the one that suits your needs, here are 4 types of server hosting.

  1. Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular type of web hosting. Because it is easy to use and relatively cheap for those who have a website for the first time, it is very suitable for beginners. Server security, updates and management are handled by the hosting service provider. The advantage of shared hosting is that it is very affordable and security, updates and server management are done by the hosting service provider. Since many websites run on a single server, that’s a drawback itself, sometimes access can be a bit slow.

  1. Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting

This virtual private server hosting is a virtual server that functions as a standalone/private server and is then divided into many smaller virtual servers.

If you compare it, VPS is an apartment where you live together with other people in the same building, but you are responsible for everything related to your apartment. This VPS works independently and is not affected by the performance of other servers. Using a VPS, you can have a private server, run a private operating system, and reboot independently.

  1. Dedicated server hosting

A Dedicated Server is a type of hosting that provides a full server service to the client’s website. That is, if you decide to rent a dedicated server hosting service, you get full access to the server. You can specify operating system, server hardware specifications and other hosting for this hosting service which is relatively more expensive than shared hosting or VPS.

  1. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a hosting service that offers unlimited capabilities for high website traffic. A cloud server has a very large storage capacity. This allows the data to be stored for years if you want to save website or application data.

If you already understand the short definition of hosting, below are some things you should pay attention to when planning to rent a hosting space.

The hosting details you need

The first thing you need to do when looking to rent a hosting space is the details you need to get your website online. If it’s just for studying as a personal blog, you don’t need a powerful and expensive hosting. Even if your website develops over time and you want to change its data capacity, all you have to do is upgrade to better hosting because it’s so easy to do.

Server locations

If the target website visitors are from Indonesia, choose a server location, then the server location you choose must be in the territory of Indonesia so that your website can be accessed quickly, and you will also get conveniences such as Indonesian language support and other conveniences.

Softaculous has it

It is one of the additional features that you can add to servers using Cpanel or Direct Admin, its function is to make it easy to install CMS such as WordPress, PrestaShop, OpenChart or many other CMS, using Softaculous you don’t need blog or fast web installation to servers anymore. Because using Softaculous is fast in installation.

Storage capacity/disk space

Disk space is the cost of web hosting storage capacity. For example, if you buy a web hosting package with Nyagahoster from Hosting Place, you get 500MB of data storage capacity. This storage capacity works to host databases, website files and email. If your website is more complex, one day your hosting capacity will be full and the website or e-mail will not work normally because the disk space is taken up, and if this happens, you have only two choices, either to include or delete the files that you may not need to include, or to upgrade the hosting package. Are you thinking of upgrading to an existing one?


Bandwidth is a measure given by the ISP (Internet Service Provider), depending on the width of the communication line, how much bandwidth is available to handle data capacity or you can say web access at the same time.

In simple language, for example, if your friends open a website, then we have many strangers who open the same website, this counts as bandwidth.

Super fast hosting and extra website security

If you have a website, personal blog or online store, visitors often don’t like slow websites, so with support LiteSpeed ​​web server Your website’s loading time will increase faster, and Imunify 360 security technology will keep your website protected from hackers, malware and dangerous virus attacks at all times. You can choose this hosting service with fast priority. Cheap Hosting Indonesia Nyagahoster.

Free domain and SSL

If you have one, the domain plays a very important role, not only does it allow users to easily access websites without typing the server’s IP address, but the main use of SSL in general is to protect the security and privacy of data and transactions on your website. If you want and get a free domain and SSL certificate, we recommend it Buy a domain host Additionally, according to the type of hosting package provided by Nyagahoster, it provides a free domain.

Ease of use of CPanel

A user-friendly and functional hosting control panel with the most complete features. Softaculous, Site Builder, Email, Auto Responder, Auto Backup, SEO Tools and many more are important criteria to choose your hosting provider. A user-friendly hosting control panel makes it easy for you to manage domain,

hosting or website settings.

If you use Nyagahoster service, you don’t need to worry about cPanel as this control panel is user friendly and functional.

Email on your domain

If you want to host an email account with your website, then check that your provider offers email features before signing up. Most hosting companies usually have the ability to host your own email (such as email@yourdomain.com), but it’s worth checking that this feature is provided.

Have domain domains

The function of addon domain is to add a new domain without having to buy a hosting service. You can easily add a domain to an installed hosting, so addon domain is the second, third and so on. 1 web hosting service.

24/7 customer support with live chat

24/7 customer support will be very useful for you. This is a feature that many customers are interested in. Live chat is a communication option to help customers when they have problems. In live chat, the provider can provide comprehensive documentation about the problem you are experiencing.

Here are some tips for choosing the right hosting service. I hope this article will help you choose the right hosting service for your needs.

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