5 Way to Easily Upload Website Hosting 2023
5 Way to Easily Upload Website Hosting 2023

5 Way to Easily Upload Website Hosting 2023

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5 Way to Easily Upload Website Hosting 2023

reseprakyat.com-More and more people out there are interested in creating their own website. Whatever the need behind it. Having our own website gives us so many advantages. However, many of us still don’t know how to host a website. Calm! In this article, you will learn how to host a website in 5 easy steps.

List of contents

  1. Step 1: Research
  2. Step 2: Choose a domain name and define its purpose
  3. Step 3: Build Your Website
    3.1. Manual way
    3.2. Automatic Way (Proper Way)
  4. Step 4: Determine how to host the website on the Internet
  5. Step 5: Final Touches

Step 1: Research

It’s a good idea to do some preliminary research before doing anything. You have already taken that step by clicking on this tutorial.

Even sites that look very complex actually function in the same way as simple sites.

Think of a house as an analogy. Domain refers to the address of a site. The address tells the Internet where to go. Just like a house without furniture, a website will be empty if it is not filled with various content.

Everything on a site is stored on the server. The server is a special storage area for websites. When you type domain in the search bar and press Enter, you simultaneously knock on the server’s door to give you access to it.

“Hello, I’d like to see some of the ‘stuff’ inside if I may”, you say to the server.

Then, the server checks all the items and makes sure they’re all in their rightful places.

You can visit various rooms, use and even move items there. When you leave the room, the room will return to normal.

How to host a website? By buying domains, server space, and storing various things or files to fill the house (website).

This is done by first building the website, buying a domain, then setting up a hosting server. Website hosting does sound complicated. In fact not, unless you want to do it yourself from scratch.

Step 2: Choose a domain name and define its purpose

Your domain and the purpose behind the website are two important things. They must match each other. Choosing the right domain according to the purpose of the website is an integral part of making a good website.

The address should indicate what website you have. Of course, you don’t want to get your website online if no one is visiting it.

For example, if you are creating a website for a croissant shop, naming the site address autopartmike.com would be the wrong choice. If you persist and give the name to a bakery, you don’t have to bother looking for ways to get the website online.

The little things related to hosting the website are of course very clear to us.

First, determine what type of website you want.

Do you want a personal website where you can display your photography portfolio? Hello Kitty fan-only blog? An online store that sells your handicrafts?

The answers to these questions determine the next step.

When you know what website you want to build, you can write a list of possible domains to choose from. Determine the few that you like the most, sort them from the most liked, and check which domains you can still buy.

Yes, you have to buy a domain. It’s like buying a house in Beverly Hills, which will allow your child to go to school in the area.

You can use name.com or any other domain availability checker on the internet. The hosting provider will also allow you to check before buying a domain.

OK, now we know how websites work and how to choose a website. Let’s move on to the next step to learn more about how to host a website.

Step 3: Build Your Website

We know that the domain is your website address. We already know how to determine the domain. We know that all files on the website are stored on a server. Lastly, we know that the various files that exist can be analogous to things in the house.

There are two ways to fill the site with various files that can be uploaded to the hosting server: the manual method and the automatic method.

Manual way

The manual site building method is the best choice for large companies, multi-purpose e-commerce projects, and visually complex pages.

You need in-depth technical knowledge to know how to manually host a website from scratch.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WebKit, JavaScript libraries and frameworks. Some of these things are just the house and the various staff in it. There is a special set of tools to create the right storage. This is the reason why web developers are paid big.

If your web page is very simple, you can learn HTML and CSS from scratch and you can start hosting websites. You only need to get a domain, buy hosting, and upload all the website files to run it.

However, we don’t recommend this option even for simple sites.

Automatic Way (Proper Way)

If the only way to upload a website to the internet was manual, creating a website would be a very complicated task. Fortunately, there are WordPress and various other website building services.

Let’s talk about WordPress first.

WordPress is a content management system and at the same time the easiest answer to determine how to host a website. This site is very popular. 59% of all sites found on the Internet are built using WordPress.

WordPress has a large selection list of server-side plugins and themes.

Various existing plugins improve the overall performance of your website. They also added various functions for users such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools. And you don’t have to write a single line of code.

Of course, that’s not the only thing a WordPress plugin does.

You can choose a specific theme to change the appearance of the site. You can have a simple blog with five articles and a contact page.

When you download and install different themes, your page will automatically change. The content itself will remain the same, nothing changes.

WordPress also has a great publishing platform. It allows you to publish new content quickly. If you try the manual website hosting method, you will have to write every code into the site from scratch.

Or code an entire content management system from scratch. You can see the problem right?

Knowledge of CSS and HTML is still useful even when you are hosting your website using WordPress.

If you master both languages, you can take a free theme on WordPress and customize it according to your needs.

There are also free website hosting options such as Wix and Squarespace.

Usually, web hosting providers like Hostinger provide services to help you build a WordPress site. Providers like Squarespace and Wix are trying to bring a much different business mode.

Both try to grab users’ attention by helping users build professional-looking, customizable sites without having to learn coding or rely on WordPress.

Both of these website builders rely heavily on high-quality images in their designs. If you don’t have stock photos or stunning images, consider other options. The point is that there are many variations and ways to upload websites to the internet for free or paid.

Step 4: Determine how to host the website on the Internet

OK, you’ve gone through the process of coding your website (congratulations!), choosing the theme you want for your WordPress site, and building something you like on Squarespace or Wix.

Now you have to learn how to choose a hosting provider. This step is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Anyone who says otherwise…

He is lying.

There are several hosting methods that you should know before you fully understand this step. Remember that the choice of hosting providers out there varies. There are also hosting providers that provide ways to upload websites to the internet for free!

You will determine the right provider depending on your needs. Chances are your first site will be small in scale, in which case Shared Hosting is more than enough.

What is shared hosting? When you use shared hosting, the analogy is like moving into an apartment. There is a big house (server) with various sites (apartment rooms) inside.

The apartment building has its own address but the people in it share daily needs such as water heaters (bandwidth), heating boilers (processing power), and electricity (availability). If the server suddenly stops functioning, then all existing sites will automatically shut down too.

Since there are multiple sites hosted on the same server, these providers are less expensive. That’s why shared hosting is the best way to find out more about website hosting details.

If your site is a bit bigger, you can choose VPS Hosting.

VPS hosting is similar to what happens to shared hosting, your website is an apartment room in a building but you have a dedicated infrastructure to support your website.

In a shared hosting situation, your website will slow down if other sites on the server receive too much traffic than usual because processing power is directed at those sites. When you use VPS hosting, you can access resources to handle this.

If you are ready to take things a step further and don’t want any downtime at all, you can consider Cloud Hosting.

This option is the safest solution because your website is hosted and continuously updated by several servers in the cloud. If one of the existing servers stops, the other servers will be activated to ensure your site stays online.

This is the same as the scenario where you have several houses in different places. When a natural disaster occurs in your first home area, you can flee to another house.

You can also bring your important things to the second house.

There are also other website hosting options, namely by using a Dedicated Hosting Server.

This option is the best and also the most expensive. When you use it, you can host websites using servers specifically dedicated to your needs. You rent everything needed to run the server and the server is only used for your site.

While this is a great option for running large sites with lots of features on it, it is a much more expensive option. Hosting providers certainly want to benefit when they dedicate so many resources to make sure your site stays online.

The analogy for this option is like having a luxurious palace with dozens of staff in the middle of the Swiss mountains.

Step 5: Final Touches

Let’s say you’re interested in hosting a site with your photography portfolio on the Internet to promote your profile as a freelance photographer.

How to host your photography portfolio website on the web?

First, understand that the purpose of the site affects your choice of domain, what type of hosting you will choose, and also the method you use to build the site yourself.

What is needed in this case example so that you can demonstrate your abilities well? A professional looking and aesthetically designed site. The site must be able to display a series of your photos neatly and beautifully.

You have a certain profession. Maybe you are a photographer. What is clear is that you are not a web developer. Therefore, you have to choose a website hosting method that is accompanied by an automation process.

You can consider WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix. You can browse through a variety of WordPress themes, and choose the one you like. There are also various Wix and Squarespace designs that might interest you.

Finally, you decide to choose the one you like the most, for example in this case WordPress because its use allows you to choose your own hosting provider. This is different from Squarespace or Wix where you have to really get into their ecosystem.

Your site will look simple and relatively small. You don’t need too fancy hosting features. Then you are looking for a trusted hosting provider, be it through free or paid website hosting. BlueHost, Hostinger, GoDaddy, HostGator, or SiteGround, these five providers are examples.

Now, it’s time for you to launch your website on the internet.

You go to the site of your chosen hosting provider, create a new account, and choose one of the packages on offer – ideally the cheapest plan you can find. You are required to pay around $3-4 per month. Some hosting providers will help you in the website hosting process and even give you a free domain.

You request the domain you want and buy it when necessary. The existing system then works smoothly and your website is loaded. Note that there is also an option to easily integrate your site with WordPress.

After that, you create an admin account for the WordPress admin panel. Now, all you have to do is log in to your WordPress account. Pretty tiring right? It doesn’t matter. You can rest for a while.

Right now, there are two things that you should pay attention to – content and appearance. You can care about other things later once you get a closer understanding of how to set up the WordPress admin panel.

You can check the Posts and Appearance sections. There, you can create your new post and change the appearance of the website.

First of all, you change the appearance. Go to the themes section and choose the one you like. Remember, our case example here is a photography portfolio website so the site has to look aesthetically pleasing. Use the chosen theme and in seconds your site will be completely transformed!

Now, create your content. Create some new posts with photos, use the format you want, provide some descriptions, and try experimenting with them. Upload your new post and once you’re done, your portfolio can be featured online. Your mission in finding ways to get your website online has now been accomplished. Welcome to the Internet.

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