5 choices of Australian Web Hosting that you can rely on in 2023
5 choices of Australian Web Hosting that you can rely on in 2023

5 choices of Australian Web Hosting that you can rely on in 2023

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5 choices of Australian Web Hosting that you can rely on in 2023

reseprakyat.comWeb Hosting Australia – If you are a Webmaster and are confused about finding web hosting that provides stable and good Australian servers, you have found the right article and it can be your consideration in choosing web hosting according to the needs of the website you have.

The following 5 Australian web hosting recommendations:

1: Australian web hosting: Hostinger

The first one we have is Hostinger with the official website hostinger.com starting at $0.99 per month with data centers around the world.

They offer solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. All the plans they offer also give you unlimited websites, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited email accounts.

They also provide a weekly backup feature automatically and for free. Additionally, their support team can be contacted via email and support tickets

The advantages of this one web hosting are that the price is very affordable for everyone, their bandwidth, storage and websites are unlimited or unlimited, they provide a free domain name, and the team provides a support team 24/7

The downside is that the renewal price is much higher than the initial registration price.

Basic package specs:

Unlimited websites
Unlimited database

Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited emails
Support 24/7

2. Australian web hosting: Siteground

Next is Siteground. With the official website www.siterground.com it is priced at $ 6.99 per month. Its head office is in Sydney, Australia. Has hosted over 2 million+ domains.

Siteground offers web hosting that can be used for businesses of any size. As for what they offer, namely Cloud Hosting, Shared Hosting, and fully managed WordPress Hosting.

On all plans they offer free WordPress site migration using their migration plugin. You can also contact their support team if you need help migrating your site from another web host to Siteground for $30.


Their support team is known to provide a fast response and is rated as one of the best in the industry. You can contact their team via email, phone or support ticket whenever you need it.

They also offer one-click installation of hundreds of different software scripts such as Joomla and WordPress. They offer one click installation for free SSL certification on all plans they have.

The greatest thing about sinterground is its dedication to speed and performance. Their servers are powered by Google Cloud platform, NGINX Direct Delivery, and a powerful supercacher in house caching solution based on NGINX Reverse Proxy and Memcache.

The basic specifications of the package are:

One website
10GB Disk Space
Free site bandwidth
Free Mari SSL Encryption
Cloudflare CDN is free
But this web hosting has a higher renewal price.

3. Australian web hosting: WP ENGINE/ WP Engine

Next is web hosting called WP Engine. Can be found on the official website wpengine.com, priced at $ 28 per month. The head office is in Sydney, Australia with telephone number 1-877-973-6446.

WP Engine is a great trusted platform for professional bloggers to use. This web hoster hosts some of the biggest news sites on the internet, and is trusted by over 60K subscribers.

The package they offer includes more than 35 genesis themes for free, making it easy to create professional looking websites without writing any code.

These web hosting customers will also get a premium CDN with each package, which can increase the speed of the website you have.

If you’re lazy to deal with all the maintenance tasks that come with using WordPress, WP Engine could be the best solution for you.

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Basic package specs:

One website
25 thousand visitors per month
50GB bandwidth
Free CDNs
Genesis framework and 35+ genesis themes
Other interesting things about WP Engine include,

Trusted by big brands Microsoft and Gartner
Has more than 35 free genesis themes in each package
The support team is available 24/7 which can be contacted via phone, email and support tickets
Free CDN service and SSL with every plan
The drawback, the price is a bit expensive for beginners

4. Australian web hosting: Kinsta

One more web hosting with an Australian host, namely kinsta. Has the official website kinsta.com. priced at $ 30 per month. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

Kinsta is one of the best web hosting managed by WordPress hosting provider. Kinsta has been trusted by several big brands such as ASOS, Freshbooks, Tripadvisor, and Ubisoft.

All their plans provide site migration service for free. You can ask them to migrate your site from another host to kinsta free of charge.

They offer free CDN service on all plans they have, and they provide free daily backup service on every plan they have. Another thing they offer is a free SSL certificate that you can install with just one click.

Kinsta web hoster uses NGINX and PHP7 which makes their server faster than other web hosters.

Basic package specs:

20 thousand visits per month
SSD storage space of 5 GB
Bandwidth of 50 GB
Free CDN and SSL
The advantages of the packages available:

Free SSL and CDN services on all plans
Free site migration
Support is available via email, phone and 24/7 support tickets
Trusted by several big companies such as Ubisoft and Ricoh
Support for WordPress multisite
Able to perform daily backups automatically
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The drawback, can be considered a bit expensive by beginners

5. Australian web hosting: Cloudways

The 5th or last one is cloudways. Can be checked on the official website cloudways.com, priced starting at $ 10 per month and has a head office in Sydney, Australia.

Cloudways provides there best services of managed hosting and VPS servers. This service allows you to host your website on your own VPS server with the help of a 24/7 support team.

Cloudways does not host your website on their own servers. Instead, they allow you to choose from their supported cloud VPS providers such as Digital Ocean, Linode, and Amazon Web.

After choosing the VPS provider you want, you can control the website that you have easily without worrying because you will be able to access great technical support 24/7 if you experience problems and you will get help immediately.

Not only that, you also get free Cloudways CDN for your own website on all their plans. They also offer free site migration and free SSL certificates.

Basic package specs:

1GB of RAM
Processor core 1
Storage of 25 GB
Bandwidth of 1 TB
Free CDN and SSL certificates
Its advantages are:

Has 5 different VPS providers
24/7 technical support that can be accessed via email, telephone or live chat
Site migration is free and provides a free SSL certificate with every plan
Host your website on a VPS server
Complete control over websites and servers
The downside, not recommended for beginners

Those are 5 web hosting recommendations with good quality and stable Australian servers that you can use to manage your website. I hope this information is useful for you, that’s all.

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