5 Best DMCA Free Hosting Services 2023

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5 Best DMCA Free Hosting Services 2023

reseprakyat.com-DMCA free hosting is the best choice if you want to build a secure website with random deletion. Are all these services the same? Definitely not. That’s why I’m looking for the best. Although many hosting providers advertise that they allow DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) protected content. What matters is their reaction when the website’s takedown notice comes.. Some hosts give up, avoid legal disputes and simply delete your website. Another issue depends on your content, some DMCA free hosts are less sympathetic to your cause. They may protect you from copyright problems, but they may fail against governments or politically motivated groups.

I signed up with the biggest DMCA free hosts to test their performance and understand what kind of content they accept.. Don’t risk losing all your hard work! Read and make a decision based on the information I have provided.

Don’t have much time? Here are the best DMCA free hosting services.

Shinjiru – Receive all content. Bitcoins can be used to buy hosting and domains in complete anonymity.

BlueAngelHost – Extremely high bandwidth protecting locations in Bulgaria, Netherlands and Russia from DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.

Prohost – Allows you to host up to 10 sites at a very affordable price.

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What we are looking for in the best DMCA free hosting services

Clear policies – Saying “Offshore” or “DMCA Free” is not enough. I combine experience, community feedback, and host provider policies to give you clear guidance on what you can and can’t host.

Overseas server locations – “Offshore” generally refers to locations outside of the United States, but many other countries are still under DMCA jurisdiction, so you should avoid them. The more country locations that are not part of the agreement, the better.

resources and performance – If you want to protect your site and your privacy from international conventions and governments, it’s easy to forget the basics. don’t worry. These hosts provide sufficient resources, stable uptime and high speed.

Alternative payment methods – Sometimes you can’t avoid paying by credit card. Still, if using Bitcoin or transferring it anonymously allows you to protect yourself from the law and invasion of privacy.

Safety features – Not everyone will like your website, and some will try to take it down. DDoS attacks are particularly dangerous, which is why these hosts offer protection against DDos and other threats.

With eight global data centers, all countries available are known to be DMCA-free, Shinjiru offers you offshore hosting and a variety of offshore locations.. Registered and headquartered in Malaysia, making it completely inaccessible to DMCA enforcers. The company has developed its own network to protect customers from DDoS attacks and offers all kinds of hosting – from website sharing plans to email hosting, shared environments and dedicated servers. All Shinjiru hosting services Available in all eight data centers. Shinjiru declared himself a “coastal power” without specifying how far he would go to legally challenge the DMCA. However, Shinjiru promised to ignore the DMCA notice, and If you choose a server in Russia, Malaysia or Bulgaria, you can publish whatever content you want..

Strongbolt hosting – Shared plans are cheaper, but you get the best protection with the Strong Bolt plan. The strongbolt package is fully managed and includes anti-DDoS protection, anti-hacking security tools, and encrypted DNS (Domain Name System) and IPs.

Pay with cryptocurrencies. – Bitcoin and Ethereum are accepted with the CoinPayment payment method, and manual Bitcoin transfers are also possible. If Shinjiru isn’t right for you, Some of the following web hosts accept payments in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies..

Anonymous domain registration – Shinjiru serves as a domain registrar, offering popular options like .com and DMCA-protected options like .ga and .cc. This makes Shinjiru the best anonymous web host out there.

Beach physical address – If your business or venture needs an offshore office for calls, letters, faxes or addresses, Shinjiru provides the service. The company does the office work for you, which allows you to maintain privacy and discretion.

cPanel Help – Shinjiru website is only available in English, but cPanel support supports {Indonesia}.

Read on for more information Our full review of Shinjiru.

all of them BlueAngelHost package 100% protected from DMCA notifications with massive anti-DDoS traffic. That means that even if someone attacks your site with a massive DDoS, your defenses can stop them. Standard shared hosting is available in Bulgaria, where it is difficult to enforce DMCA rules. I must admit that uploading videos and audios is prohibited by sharing plans, for which you need to purchase a VPS or dedicated server package. VPS and dedicated servers are available in Netherlands, Russia and Bulgaria and can be used to upload any type of files. Illegal and fraudulent activities such as botnets, hacking, hacking and phishing are strictly prohibited on all plans..

Verification process – BlueAngelHost takes its verification and validation process very seriously, to protect itself and you from potential lawsuits. Since this process is done manually, the account cannot be activated immediately, but it will be ready in a few hours.

DDoS Protection 500+ GBPS – It’s available on a shared plan and it’s surprisingly big, bigger than any other provider on the list. VPS and dedicated servers come with 100 GBPS, but you can buy more. Expert review on BlueAngelHost It features all the features you can get, including DDoS protection.

Choose between two virtual technologies – For cheap offshore VPS hosting, choose the OpenVZ plan. For resource-intensive projects, KVM packages have more advantages – but are more expensive. Both completely ignore DMCA notices.

Accepts cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple are accepted. Classic payment methods like PayPal and credit cards are also available.

Compatible with cPanel – For an experience without language barriers.

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