2 choices of Free Web Hosting from romanian

2 choices of Free Web Hosting from romanian

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Romania is a geographically rich country in Europe with a rich history. In Romania you can find the Carpathian Mountains with preserved medieval towns and fortified churches. However, the recent revolution in technology and other innovations has not left Romanians behind and this has led to a huge increase in websites. Whether it’s an eCommerce business, or promotional and informative websites for businesses to get the right promotions, we’re seeing a lot of new websites being published in Romania every day. A website is as good as a hosting service because its entire performance depends on the web hosting services you have. A few things you should know about choosing the right web hosting for you in Romania:

Disadvantages of using free web hosting

Free web hosting services may seem attractive to you and you don’t want to miss them, but they are not as good as they seem. Free hosting services can help you with free hosting services, but you will have to pay for additional services such as domain registration and other services, including many additional SSL certificates, which will ultimately cost you more than you can afford. Premium web hosting package is paid for all these services. There are many other disadvantages including the choice and your website servers will get less bandwidth when they get more traffic and this will put your business or website on the back end.

Going forward, you should be aware of the limitations you will find on such services as not many types of hosting are offered, and the type of hosting you get for free may not be the best option for you. Website is working fine. A free website hosting service in Romania may sound great, but you should consider all the factors before making any purchasing decision for you.

Paid web hosting services

There are excellent paid web hosting services out there that are worth every dollar you pay for them. A few such web hosting services that you should consider are:

1) HostGator.com

HostGator.com is a US-based entry-level website hosting service provider that ensures perfect security and performance for all websites being hosted on their servers. You will also be the best option to choose in Romania because you will get round the clock support and much more to be sure that there are no problems with your web hosting. HostGator.com is also very affordable in terms of the packages you get with customization.

2) BlueHost.com

BlueHost.com is another great service based in the US, but they offer their services all over the world, including Romania. As there is no lag and their servers can handle the traffic you need, it ensures you have the best performance. Apart from all these, you get round the clock support from them and customized packages where you can choose the right capacity according to your needs.

3) A2hosting.com

A2hosting.com can be one of the best options for your web hosting needs in Romania. They have found a server and data center in Amsterdam, the European region where they can enjoy a completely stable experience for all their hosting needs. Not only that, but that server allows A2hosting.com to deliver web hosting services 20 times faster than all of their competitors, and you’ll get an experience beyond compare.

Enjoy Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and more to enjoy the best possible experience for any type of website you wish to host at A2hosting.com. Apart from this, you will get pre-configured web hosting for better performance and speed on the website. You also get 99.9% uptime commitment from A2hosting.com with SEO optimization and 24/7 support, making it the sweetest choice for you in Romania.

4) Xservers.ro

Xservers.ro is a Romanian business that offers a wide range of services for the various needs you may have in Romania. You can find premium web hosting solutions including Cloud SSD Hosting, Dedicated Servers and more to boost your website speed. You can also get additional services from Xservers.ro like SSL certificate and other services and you will have a flawless experience with them. With their SSD data center, the affordable price and speed in Romania will definitely be unbeatable.

Free Romanian web hosting services

There are a number of free web hosting services that you can choose from. A few such services you might consider are:

1) Hostinger.com

Hostinger.com is not completely free as they are on the market. You are almost using the word free and that means you have to pay for web hosting services. Not only that, they pay for other services such as SSL certificate and domain registration are comparatively higher than the competitors and in this way they pay more than any other web hosting service provider in Romania.

2) 000webhost.com

000webhost.com is another free web hosting provider that is exceptionally good with all kinds of services and one of their packages is completely free. However, you should be aware that there are many limitations on bandwidth, storage, and email that can put you in some trouble and make 000webhost.com an unsuitable choice for your web hosting needs in Romania. Besides that, you also have to negotiate the support because it is not available all day.

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